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Links added after examining their content and verifying that the sources are accurate or authoritative. Some links do not fit this criteria, but are added because of unique data. Some of the links pertain to research projects in the works. There are topics appearing on these pages that are not reflected by the categories listed above. Take a look through the pages to see what else there is.

Please visit often and enjoy the trip. If you have any data or links that you wish to share, feel free to contact me. Also, if you have anything on the topics that are mentioned here, I would be glad to see it. Thank you!

Special note: I will not be updating some pages as often as I have; I retired and some things are going to be awhile in coming. Bear with me.

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History and Historic Literature

General History


  • National Archives (United States). The National Archives & Records Administration (NARA)..
  • National Archives (United Kingdom).
  • The Internet History Sourcebooks Project (Fordham University) provides a series of primary sources in a number of fields of history. It is intended to serve the needs of teachers and students in college survey courses in modern European history and American history, as well as in modern Western Civilization and World Cultures. I have prepared an outline page that will speed up the process of selecting the right page for your needs.
  • Avalon Project at Yale Law School. Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy. Texts of legal and other documents. Key areas: Ancient and Medieval, 18th-21st Century.

Thomas PaineThomas Paine

Some topics are given good coverage by scholarly websites. This is an example of one:

Local History

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Archaeology, Ancient Mysteries, and Related Fields

The Ancient World

Amazon sculptureGeneral

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  • Section being revised...


Greek Studies

Alexander the Great

Roman Studies

Map of the Roman Empire. Find good, scholarly online resources for 54 Roman provinces by clicking within Roman Cointhe borders of a specific province on the map, or by clicking on the name of the province below the map. Some of my favorite areas to study are highlighted below.

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Mesoamerica and South America

  • Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies (FAMSI). ""Mesoamerica" refers to a geographical area occupied by a variety of ancient cultures that shared religious beliefs, art, architecture, and technology that made them unique in the Americas for three thousand years – from about 1500 B.C. to A.D. 1519 – the time of European contact."--Home page.
  • Mayas. Page devoted sepcifically to Maya culture, history, and other aspects, including modern Maya descendants.

Medieval Studies (includes Asia and Eastern World)

Norman tapestryInternet Medieval Sourcebook. (Fordham University Center for Medieval Studies). Transcripts of original sources and many resources. The best place to look for many key books and texts from the medieval period. They also have "Sourcebooks" for other periods. View my outline page for listing.


  • Medieval Sites on the Web. Great links to resources.
  • Medieval Studies Internet Resources. Great links to resources.
  • The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies (Georgetown University).
  • Speculum Theologiae in Beinecke MS416 (Yale). Interesting method of teaching, from the Medieval period. Diagrams, with translations are an art in themselves.

    Beinecke MS 416 is a late thirteenth-century or early fourteenth-century collection of such didactic diagrams from the Cistercian abbey of Kamp in western Germany. Medieval educators gave significant attention to the principles of morality in training their students. Such instruction was closely linked to the cultivation of memory. The individual who came to store edifying texts and moral tenets in his mind was believed to have a solid foundation for future learning, equipped to profitably engage in the loftiest of the human sciences: theology.

Offa's Dyke

The Silk Road

  • Silk Road Atlas (Silk Road Seattle, Daniel C. Waugh, University of Washington). More than just the trade routes, this shows maps of the various empires, cities, dynastic holdings, etc. Excellent site.
  • International Dunhuang Project (British Library). Silk Road maps based on archaeological expeditions of Sir Aurel Stein. Focus on Tarim Basin and points east.
  • Silk Road Routes. GIS/interactive map showing explorer routes and empire expansion.
  • Silk Road Project Maps (Miami University).

Language & Literature

Mythology and Legends

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Arthurian Facts and Legends

  • Arthuriana (Thomas Green). Legends, historical, and other resources.
  • Welsh Texts relating to Arthurian legend (Mary Jones). See also: Links.

Glastonbury & the Tor

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Callenish Stone CircleStone Circles and Megalithic Monuments

The Web sites listed below are mostly general ones since there are more circles and Megalithic monuments than space permits. Several more popular or unique monuments are listed here.


British Isles

Europe and Russia

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Rune StoneRunes

Related or Not: More Script and Writing Systems

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More to be added here. I started with some fun stuff:


Specific Languages & Translation Help

  • Hindi Language Links.
  • Transliteration. Type in English (Latin) and select the language to trans- to, OR type in that language and select "Latin" to see it in abc characters. Has 16 languages and can display in 5 different computer standards (e.g., ISO-9 or ALA). You can then paste the characters into a text document.
  • Translation Dictionary. Select "to" and "from" languages; type in a word; get the translation.
  • isiZulu.net. Zulu-English online dictionary. Enter a word and get translation to English. Also, if your entry is not correct, the dictionary will provide variants to find the correct spelling. NOTE: You can also type in an English word, with the reply being the isiZulu term(s).


  • Numbering Systems. (Of Languages and Numbers). Counting in 174 Languages. Includes a numeral-to-word calculator for each. Type in numeral and get the word(s) for the number in that language. The language tree can be displayed by several different types (e.g., list, radial list, etc.). From this, you can see where the language fits on the entire family tree.

Everyday Language & Fun Stuff

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Odd and Unusual Places to Visit

  • Animations Page. Online animations of everything from moon phases to maps of the Campaigns of Alexander the Great.
  • Cool Quiz. Quizes, games, quotes, "today in history," facts & trivia, and all sorts of fun ways to learn.
  • Currency From Around the World. View images of currency from many nations.
  • Doctor Who page (BBC). Official page for the show. New episodes listings and much more.
  • Doctor Who page. A great unofficial page.
  • Celestial Seasonings Relax and drink some tea... All sorts of tea-related stuff, gift ideas. Also has a postcard (sending) section, and coloring book for kids (download line images of your favorite tea box). Each page has a quote--many are worth reading.
  • Geomancy. All sorts of psychic, spiritual-related items. A nice section covers Labyrinths.
  • Whoosh! The Journal of the International Association of Xena Studies. For anything on the television show, the characters, and related materials. Includes links to Greek and Roman mythology (a good reason to visit). OK, so the show is dead, but the universe still goes on.
  • The Boy Mechanic Vol. 2 1000 Things for Boys to Do. Chicago: Popular Mechanics Press, 1948. by H.H.Windsor. Interesting ideas and "How To" articles for all sorts of activities, including: science and technology, constructing apparatus, etc. "How to construct devices for winter sports, motion-picture camera, indoor games, reed furniture, electrical novelties, boats, fishing rods, camps and camp appliances, kites and gliders, pushmobiles, roller coaster, ferris wheel and hundreds of other things which delight every boy. With 995 illustrations."
See also: More unusual places

    David (in kanji)Names (Etymology, Taxonomy, Naming conventions, etc.)

  • Names (Jerry Hill). Lists and texts on names, naming conventions, baby names, names of stars, planets, moons, stage names, pseudonyms, and lots more.
  • Online Etymology Dictionary. Over 30,000 words and word roots. This is a map of the wheel-ruts of modern English. Etymologies are not definitions; they're explanations of what our words meant and how they sounded 600 or 2,000 years ago. Well-researched with bibliography. Has a great LINKS page.
  • Arabic Star Names (Islamic Crescents' Observation Project). Learn the names of stars, along with their meaning.
  • Place Names and Gazetteers. Find the name (and local variants) for any place or geographical feature in the World.
  • Behind the Name: the Etymology, Meaning and History of First Names. Comprehensive site; look for first names; includes names from a variety of countries and languages. Also has sections on ethnic/national naming conventions, national laws for naming children, and more. Some interesting related topics are:
    • Random Renamer. Generate names from a wide list of languages; great for writers, gamers.
    • Anagram Names. List of Over 5,500 anagram names from around the world.
    • Name Themes. View lists of names by theme, with links to name meanings (e.g., Names with "canine" meanings, Names associated with Warriors).
    • Popularity Lists. See what the most popular names were (by country, by year).
  • Find Your Hawaiian Name. Just for fun. Type your name and get the Hawaiian equivalent
  • Your Name in Japanese. Similar to the previous link.



Folding American flag properlyVexillology (Study of Flags)

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Animals, Pets, and Nature

old catFinding a pet to adopt can be trying at times. Here is a site that can make your life better while giving a worthy animal a new and loving home).

PetFinder. Find the pet of your dreams, or just make an animal's dreams come true! Search for a prospective pet by type (e.g., cat, dog, horse, pig, etc.), breed (Siamese, Samoyed, etc.), Age, Sex, Size, and location in the country. Also read articles in the resource library on caring for pets and other topics, find local rescue shelters, volunteer to help animals in need, and many more things. You can even leave a message about the exact animal that you want, and then when someone else has an animal, they can contact you.

Local Pet Shelters/Foster Homes


  • Nature Guides. Predominantly birds and bird identification guides; animals starting to migrate in.

Wildlife Preservation

  • American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA). A nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of zoos and aquariums in the areas of conservation, education, science, and recreation.
  • Hawk Creek Wildlife Center (East Aurora, NY). A non-profit, volunteer-led & staffed organization in the Western New York region providing: Treatment, rehabilitation, and release of injured wildlife, Environmental education programs, Breeding and release of species suffering from negative environmental influences, and Training classes/Internships for college credit and presentation of research papers.

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Ready Reference

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Computer Information

  • Accessiblity, ADA & Web Design. The Americans With Disabilities Act and how to make your website accessible and interesting at the same time.
  • Glossary of Internet Terms. All terms, both technical and popular.
  • Glossary Of JavaTM Technology-Related Terms.
  • Color Theory and Designing with Color. For Web and Presentation work, these links will help you in designing with the best color choices (aesthetic and readable).
  • Color Hexa: Color encyclopedia: Information and conversion. The most complete color description system for any color work. "...type any color values (view full list here) in the search field and ColorHexa will offer a detailed description and automatically convert it to its equivalent value in Hexadecimal, Binary, RGB, CMYK, HSL, HSV, CIE-Lab, Hunter-Lab, CIE-Luv, CIE-LCH, XYZ and xyY. ColorHexa will also generate matching color schemes such as complementary, split complementary, analogous, triadic, tetradic and monochromatic colors. So you will be able to know what colors best suit with the one you chose. It is also possible to blend colors together or create a gradient between them (see examples below)."
  • HTML Colors. Chart and code information.
  • Complete HTML True Color Chart.
  • HTML Color Codes. All 216 web safe hexadecimal HTML color codes arranged by hue in a one-screen color wheel. Also has Decimal RGB.
  • HTML/XML and Web Scripting (W3School.com). Instructional/tutorial pages loaded with information.
  • Language Guide. Computer programming languages explained.
  • Making Great Presentations: Resource Guide. Links to resources for creating good presentations.

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Geography and Travel



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