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New York in the Civil War

Links below on many aspects of New York State participation and activities during the War period. Each provides reliable resources.

Recruiting Areas of the New York Civil War Regiments County arrangement. Find town with list of regiment(s) and company raised in that town. Then link to unit histories. Also has a listing of towns in NY showing 1860 population.

Civil War Archive Union Regimental Index (brief histories)

New York State and the Civil War
Civil War Round Tables in New York State
New York State Civil War Soldier Database
GAR Posts in New York State
State of New York and the Civil War
New York CW Genealogy Website
New York Civil War Rosters (link to US NPS)
New York Medal of Honor Recipients
New York Regiments (brief histories, books, links)
New York State History Net
Buffalo, NY and the Civil War
Battle Flag Preservation Project
New York Rosters
New York State Military Museum and Veterans Research Center (NYS Division of Military and Naval Affairs) Great site includes, among other: New York State Battle Flags, with pages showing Conserved Flags to date, history of the flags, and other flag information, a growing list of state regimental histories, and links to additional NYS Civil War-related sites.
Elmira Prison Camp OnLine Library
New York Soldiers & Nurses--Letters, Diaries, Journals
New York Unit Websites
64th New York Volunteer Infantry "Cattaraugus Regiment"
154th New York Volunteer Infantry "Hardtack Regiment"

Historical Organizations, Sites, and Sources of Research Materials

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System (database of names, units, records, info)

Civil War Home Page

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Period Dancing (Electronic facsimiles of original books!)

Gettysburg Discussion Group

Virtual Gettysburg Great site: Monuments, views, much more.
Daguerreian Society See early photos, texts, etc.
Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System (NPS database names & records)

Texts About the American Civil War

Civil War Maps Collection Library of Congress

Civil War Biographical Bibliographies
Civil War Money & Finance (many sites)
Money: Compare Dollar Values between today & past
Civil War Unit Bibliographies
Civil War Rare Map Collection (University of Georgia, Athens)
Civil War Flags in NPS Collections
20th Maine Infantry Original flags, images
Civil War Maps (West Point)
U.S.S. CAIRO Gunboat and Museum
Civil War Medal of Honor Recipients
(full-text) (A-L) (M-Z)
Return to Glory African-American Museum exhibit
on 54th Massachusetts Monument
Civil War Genealogy
United States Sanitary Commission
Beyond the Crater: Petersburg Campaign Online
Civil War Musical Instruments (National Music Museum)

This Week in the Civil War

Official Records of the Civil War Web database
Civil War Center (Univ. LA)
Civil War Generals All generals US/CS
Civil War (Son of the South)
Civil War Photo Collection
Prisons, Prisoners of War, Paroles and Pardons
Soldier's Respite Period Games
Women in the Civil War (blog)

Fanny & Vera's Helpful Hints & Timely Tips for Civil War Reenactors
Loads of tips and information for beginners and advance reenactors, including: Tobacco Use, Ladies' Clothing, Eyewear, Know your Role, and Reenacting Glossary..

Civil War clip art. Over 1,200 images of battles, generals, activities, etc.
By the: Educational Technology Clearinghouse, Florida Center for Instructional Technology,University of South Florida.

Irish and Ireland in the Civil War (includes cultural links)

Irish in the American Civil War
Irish Volunteers
The Irish Brigade at Fredericksburg
The Irish Brigade at Gettysburg
The Pope’s Irish Soldiers and the Civil War
Wild Geese Today
New York (NY-IRISH-L) Discussion List (Genealogy)
Ireland's History in Maps. Great site!
Thistle and Shamrock Celtic Music Radio Show

Germans in the Civil War

German-American Soldiers in the Civil War (German-Americana site )
German Americans (Civil War and Reconstruction--also German Heritage links)
Das Forum uber den amerikanischen Burgerkreig & Reenactment der Epoche
(German speaking reenactor forum)

Geschichtstheater-Gesellschaft "1848" (In English)
History, songs, other CW-related pages (not all are working)

Germans in the Civil War (RootsWeb)

Other Foreigners in the Civil War

Foreign Soldiers in the American Civil War
Jews in the Civil War
Ethnic Composition of Civil War Forces (C.S & U.S.A.)
African-American Civil War Rosters
Civil War Genealogy links

Other Sites Relevant to the Civil War and Reenacting

Camp Chase Gazette
Suppliers, Collecting
Shamrock Hill Books
The Watchdog
Haunted Field Music
Canadian Reenacting Organizations
Military Images Magazine
Sullivan Press
American Civil War resources page
Civil War Posters (originals)
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
Quartermaster Shop
Lincoln's Washington (Historical Society of Washington D.C.)
Bent's Hard Tack (Tell them you saw it here!)

Drill Network Everything you need for learning and studying drill and maneuvers

Authentic Campaigner improve your impression Flags of Civil War - Northern Regimental and Unit Flags Flags of the Confederacy
(Scholarly approach - most comprehensive on the web)

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