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Last Modified: 10 March 2013
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Things to Read (Librarians, not just catalogers):
ACRLog (blog for Academic/Research Librarians). Short, thought-provoking pieces relating to current or hot topics.

Cat Tools Cataloger's Desktop Classification Web
Library of Congress logoLibrary of Congress Cataloging Division
gold spinnerCataloger's Desktop Training (includes powerpoints)
Cataloging Distribution Service (CDS)
Cataloging: General Resources Good starting point: Toolboxes, Online Resources, etc.
Cataloger's Reference Shelf. Many LC and other references; not complete but useful.
TPOT (Technical Processing Online Tools)- University of California San Diego
Cataloging Documentation (Princeton) all topics.
Cataloging Oasis (MIT) documentation, all topics.
Cataloging Resources (UMASS-Amherst)

Technical Services Unlimited

Cataloging, Classification, and Authority Work links
010 Library of Congress Control Number -- (description of LCCN: Structure of the LC Control Number)
ELECTECH Central Technical Services
Geographic Learning Site (GLS) U.S. Dept. of State

Connexion logo


Editing Bibliographic Records (Help)

Adding Diacritics & Keyboard short-cuts includes control-keys for basic editing

Bibliographic Formats & Standards MARC Field Guide

Electronic Bibliographic Change Report. Use to report errors in records (e.g., typos, field mislabeled, wrong format)
BISON (UB Catalog)
Other Resources
How to Acquire Cataloging Tools. Fact sheet #18 from the American Library Association.
Nuance Speech & Voice Recognition Software, including DragonDictate / Naturally Speaking


Starting Links: the first 2 rows of links contain good multi-language dictionaries, word finders, and other items.
Dictionaries (Many languages)
Word Look-Up ( Type word, select language; get meanings. Also has thesaurus.
Jennifer's Language Page Large selection of resources
Alpha Dictionary (lots of languages) English to: French, German, Italian, Spanish and back again
Dansk for turister scroll down page
Language Resources (D. Bertuca page)

Numbers from 1 to 10 in Over 5000 Languages

Language Tools

Pinyin guide to writing Mandarin Chinese in romanization

Translation page (Google).

    Babelfish Translation (Yahoo).
Reference, etc.
Information Professional's Glossary. Library and Information sciences glossary of terms. From School of Information Resources and Library Science University of Arizona.
Necrology (music only)
Events for Today Includes dates by various reckonings (Mayan, Jewish, etc.)
Glossary of Library and Research Terms



David J. Bertuca, Map Librarian, University at Buffalo.
Created: 26 October 2000.

Last Modified: 10 March 2013
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