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Map Catalogers' Tool Box

The materials below are not comprehensive, but merely to be used in assisting the basics of map cataloging.

Sample Map Catalog Record Gazetteers
Physical Description  
Additional Links
Cartographic Reference Resources
Map Projections
Outline Maps blank maps for any use
Map Series (Titles)
  RDA (Resource Description and Access)

Map Cataloging: General Resources (including toolboxes)

Good Starting Points

Map and Cartography Resources

  • Maps and Cartography Research Guide (University at Buffalo Libraries). Links to a wide variety of map-related topics, resources, collections, etc.
  • Cartographic Reference Resources (Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, Univ. of Texas/Austin). Has many links to resources: Gazetteers, Distance Calculators, Time, Zones, Sun, And, Moon, Rise/Set, Calculators, Tides, Map, Projections, Map, Scale, Glossaries, and, Guides.
  • MCG Toolbox 6: Equipment and Supplies. Online source of information and help for map curators, librarians and archivists, sponsored by the Map Curators' Group of the British Cartographic Society.

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Physical Description

General Information about USGS Topographic Maps

Classification (Call Numbers)


Map Projections

Map Scale

Map scale, or Representative Fraction (RF), is a ratio representing the relationship between a specified distance on a map and the actual distance on the ground. For example, at the scale of 1:50 000, 1 unit of measurement on the map equals 50 000 units of the same measurement on the ground. Map scale is frequently expressed as a representative fraction and graphically as a bar scale.

Map Coordinates

  • Latitude. A site at Rice University that offers the basic history of the development of latitude
  • Coordinate Systems Overview (University of Colorado, Boulder, Department of Geography). Covers all sorts of systems; good for identifying and describing a map in hand.

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Map Series (Titles)

  • Index Maps for AMS Series / U.S. Army Map Service and GSGS / Great Britain. War Office. General Staff. Geographical Section. (UC Berkeley).

Mathematical Data

Subject Headings


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Sample Maps

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Associations That Include Map Catalogers and Map Librarians

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Metasites for Maps and Map Collections

  • Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection (University of Texas at Austin). Has digitized a portion of its print collection (over 3,000) of historic and contemporary maps. Many of the maps are U.S. government originals, which may be downloaded and used without copyright restrictions. Also has links to good web sites for maps worldwide. Main map arrangement is by continent, further broken down into regional and city maps, among other categories. Also at this website are Cartographic Reference Resources.
  • Using Maps in your Teaching. How to use maps for teaching and research, where to find maps online and from publishers, and almost anything you want to know about maps and map making, as well as on geography. Has extensive links to maps and charts of all sorts.
  • USGS Maps and Aerial Photo Images Online. Compilation of links to selected USGS Business and Cooperative Research and Development Agreement partner sites where you may view USGS maps and aerial photo images from your Web browser. Also see the USGS National Map of the United States, and geography site.

Map Sellers

  • USGS Products and Publications page. Any maps, books, and related materials from the U.S. Government. Also has links to pages describing maps, how to read maps, etc. USGS Topographic Maps page.
    • Topos may be downloaded at no charge on the USGS Topographic Maps download site. You will have to print these yourself..
  • Omni Resources Map Catalog. Complete selection of maps from government and commercial sources. Also links to many cartographic and geographic information sites.

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Additional reference materials are found at the WAML website.

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David J. Bertuca, Map Librarian, Emeritus, University at Buffalo
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