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  • Map Library, West Point, Dept. of History. Maps from the West Point Atlas series.
  • U.S. Army Center of Military History. Good starting point for research on any period of American military history. Also includes relevant non-military materials. Includes archives, documents, bibliographies, images, and addtional resources.
  • War, Peace, & Security. (Information Resource Centre, Canadian Forces College (Toronto)). Has data on many topics, including: military history, international relations, international organizations, and peace and disarmament.
  • Military Flags. Site is for miniature figures and wargamers, but has good images of flags from many wars.
  • War Photos. Covers all American wars. Not a large collection, but some interesting items.
  • Battlefield Anomalies. Site for those "who would like to learn a little more about military history." Offers more critical look at a number of battles/campaigns, with illustrations, maps, and citations.
  • U.S. Military Manpower 1789 to 1997. Data for army strength on a table, by year.

Dark Ages warfareDark Ages

  • From Dot to Domesday. "History of Britain, from its creation, by rising sea levels at the end of the last ice age, to, the product of William the Conqueror's great survey of his kingdom, the Domesday Book.

Norman Invasion of England

Join or Die imageAmerican Revolution

An often overlooked period of history, which deserves more attention than it receives.

On to RichmondAmerican Civil War

Napoleonic Period

  • Napoleon at The Napoleon Foundation. Wide variety of materials. Articles, images, artifacts, and more.Atlas of the Napoleonic Wars. West Point Map collection.
    Evolution of Napoleonic Uniforms (still under construction). An Illustrated History. An incredible site, well researched, detailed descriptions and histories of the armies during the period. Has uniforms, flags and standards, and in-depth text about each unit. Also describes tactics, organization, and some of the personages of each nation. Some major powers complete.
    Uniforms: Napoleonic Site. Great uniform plates, flags, photographs, text, and other materials. In English and French (not all in English).
    Napoleon Series (great site). Includes histories of units, biographies, campaigns, and battles, among other resources. Has "Orders of Battle" for a number of battles. Some of the main links:
  • Napoleon, His Army and Enemies (Campaigns-Battles-Strategy-Tactics-Commanders-Uniforms-Maps). Very good, comprehensive site with good text and visuals, references, and links to other reliable resources.
  • Napoleonic Guide ( Site temporarily unavailable--try again though). Large collection of resources, including: books, maps, chronologies, images, histories, and more. Napoleon Bonaparte Internet Guide. One interesting feature: transcripts from 1815 newspapers. Also has articles, links to other resources. Napoleon 1st. Website with a variety of resources, links (and interesting sound effects). Napoleonic Literature. "Classic Napoleonic literature and art in electronic format." Full texts of old books; images and other materials. Napoleonic Links Page. Compiled by Osprey Publishing. Good links (some need updating).Royal Navy During the Napoleonic Era (1793-1815). All aspects of the naval experience. Good source for some period Maps.1812: Napoleon's March to Russia. Capsule history of the Russian Campaign, with text, images, maps, and links to further related sites. (Warning, some links do not work).Ian Fletcher's Battlefield Tours. Scholarly author runs tours of various Napoleonic campaigns. Also has links to additional pages on the period.
  • Virtual Arc de Triomphe. "Virtual version of the Arc de Triomphe, a monument to the brave individuals and military victories of the French Revolution, Consulate, and First Empire." Includes:
  • Battlefield Anomalies. Many battles and campaigns are critically studied on this site.
  • King's German Legion online page. History of this famous force.


An important part of the Napoleonic period is the Empress Josephine. I have added a few items relating to her and to her influence on French and European culture and life.

  • Joséphine de Beauharnais (de Tascher de la Pagerie). French language webiste published by the current members of the family Tascher de la Pagerie.
  • Château de Malmaison (Official website). Joséphine's residence from 1799 to 1814 (French).
  • My Little Empire. Blog by a Ph.D. student whose interests includes Josephine and the early 19th Century. Good images of the Empress and of her home, Chateau de la Malmaison. Her LINKS page leads to many great resources on the period, especially those relating to women.


Waterloo Battle, 1815

Battle of Chippewa, 1814War of 1812

U.S. Armed Forces

British Armed Forces

Lt. John Chard, VCZulu War, 1879

Nautical History

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