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A selection of links to materials and resources in the fine and performing arts. Includes television and motion picture sites.

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Mutts yinyangFine Arts

  • Mona Lisa Images for the Modern World. The famous painting has inspired a following and this site provides a universe on its own. Includes Links page.
  • Mutts (Comic Strip). Comics are the "finest art" available and this is the best series.


  • Scholar's Lab at the University of Virginia. Full-text collections of literature in many languages (formerly the Electronic Text Center.)
  • Electronic Text Collections in Western European Literature (Western European Specialists Section, Association of College and Research Libraries) Arranged by language/country.
  • Last of the Mohicans. Full-text of a 1936 edition of the 1st edition (available from the ETC at University of Virginia).
  • Best of Legends. Explores "the history, literature, and lore surrounding Robin Hood, King Arthur, Pirates & Privateers, and other swashbuckling characters of balladry, fiction, and film, from The Queen of Elfland to Zorro." Provides access to primary source material and up-to-date scholarship, essays, reviews, and other materials. Also has nice graphics.
  • Oban's Myths, Legends, and Fables (Planet Zkids). Short retelling of various stories throughout history.
  • MythWeb. Ancient Greek and Roman mythology. Descriptions of gods and goddesses, heroes, and an encyclopedia. Also has a Latin version, which provides in-text references.
  • Writer's Almanac. Daily chronology of the literary world, with some spillover into the rest of the World.
  • Lists of Minor Fictional Characters. Wikipedia page linking to lists of characters in numerous books and television shows, etc. Even has a list of Barbi's (doll) friends and relations.


  • Writer's Write. "...a one-stop resource for professional writers." Pages for writers of all types.
  • Writer's Place. [TEMPORARILY NOT BEING MAINTAINED] A good resource for all aspects of writing. I created this page to help my own work, but you might find it helpful too.
  • Language Construction Kit. Create your own language.

Performing Arts, Entertainment, Music, and Television

Music: Performers and Styles

  • starThe Beatles. Official Website. See why they are still the masters.
  • Unofficial Beatle sites:
    • Olga Index (contains chords, tablatures, lyrics).
  • Classic Lyrics Server. Lyrics listed alphabetically by title.
  • starEnya. Official site. Eithne Ní Bhraonáin (pronounced Enya). One of the defining voices in Celtic music and ethereal sound.
  • Capercaillie. Official site. A Scottish group with one of the best female voices around. Karen Matheson is recognized as among the top Gaelic singers in the  World.
  • Dixie Chicks. Official site. Creative country-western with a true acoustic style from the early years. Music, videos, all sorts of information on the group.
    • Dixie Chicks "unofficial" site. Rough site but has a few good items in it. See them in their early years, long before they hit the big time.
  • Imogen HeapstarImogen Heap. An artistic goddess, she is a dynamic musician with a diverse range of styles. Imogen is "...a British ecclectic, eccentric and innovative musician considered by some the epitome of a digital diva. Her talent spans from the craft of songwriting to elaborate live multi-instrumental improvisations, building on a unique voice, classical training and unusual tech-saviness. Self produced, independent, engaged, she blursthe boundaries between pure artforms and creative entrepreneurship, and uses her knowledge of the web and social networking to communicate and collaborate with her loyal following in pioneering ways."--About page
  • Jewel. Official site. Lyrics, photos, audio and video, links, concert info, other. Poet and singer, her words are well written and they stand on their own. The musical portion flows with the words well however. Jewel is a gemstone with rough edges.
  • starLoreena McKennitt (official site). Magical bard after my own heart. Her lyrics and voice come from a different plane. I can never get tired of listening to her (and seeing her in person is even more incredible).
  • Mediaeval Baebes. Medieval chant and song, sometimes with a modern twist. "Six talented, attractive women breathe renewed life into the rich texts of medieval songs and poetry.  Their hauntingly beautiful music captures the imagination..."
  • Melissa Etheridge. Official site. Has lyrics, images, and other materials. Melissa Etheridge is a rusty knife with a sharp edge. A good lyricist--she is the female John Lennon, when it comes to writing and using words. Her words are colorful, and each word she sings is distinct and carries great feeling. Anyone who listens will learn something, and each listener's imagination creates their own perception of the meaning.
  • Nancy McCallion. (from The Mollys). Nancy's new group and what the other Mollys have been up to. There is a new (2010) album. See the site for details.
  • starNorah Jones. "Official page for the singer who majored in jazz piano, and also plays soul, blues, and folk-based pop. Ms. Jones is an all-around performer who masters a wide range of musical styles. Audio files, show dates, photos, and news. " Listen to her and you are as close to heaven as you can be.
  • Rodrigo Y Gabriela. Duo that takes classical, flamenco, heavy metal, and a lot of energy and turns it into an amazing musical experience. Sample them on their site (above) or view and hear them on YouTube. They are worth seeing and hearing.
  • Sheryl Crow. Official site.
  • starSia. SiaSia Furler: crazy, creative, perky, and so down to earth and living in the present. She is a prolific songwriter and performer.
  • Two Cellos. Official site. You have to hear them to believe. Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser are amazing hear and to see.
  • Flamenco
    • World Flamenco. Links to all aspects.
    • Maria Benitez Famous dance artist and her Teatro Flamenco. "Internationally acclaimed as a performer, choreographer and director, Maria Benitez is recognized as one of the finest exponents in her field - Spanish dance and all that it embraces. Ms. Benitez is best known for the work of the company she and her husband Cecilio founded and direct - Maria Benitez Teatro Flamenco. With a long standing reputation for excellence, the company's history includes performances at festivals and major concert halls in all 50 states, Canada, Germany, Holland, Spain, Austria and 12- week summer seasons in Santa Fe, NM since the early 1970's." Site also has good links to dance and the performing arts.
    • Flamenco Artists in San Francisco area. Has lists and contacts for artists who also travel around.
  • Celtic/Gaelic Music
  • Guitar Gallery's Sheet Music Catalog. Search for titles and composers, then order sheet music; some of the sheets can be ordered and downloaded online.

Music: Lyrics

Finding lyrics online is easy; finding accurate transcriptions requires checking several sites to be sure of the correct ones. Instead of listing lyric sites, I have selected a few that offer a little more, or a different concept relating to interpreting meanings, song histories, and other aspects. No endorsements here; these are what they are but worth viewing.

  • SongLyrics. Usual lyric lists, but this site offers to play the song so you can read the lyrics while listening at the same time.
  • SongMeanings. Wiki for songs and artists. Lyrics and interpretations. Emphasis on following artists' careers, present and past.
  • SongFacts. Search for songs, with comments, histories, and interpretations of meanings.
  • Lyric Interpretations. Blog of song interpretations; input from various sources and levels, depending on the artist and song. Offers another viewpoint for lyric meanings. Features: includes categories (e.g., Songs about Fear and Insecurity), artist lists, release year lists.
  • Top 10 Misinterpreted Song Meanings. Listverse article on how people hear lyrics and what they think they heard.
  • In the 70s, 80s, 90s. Three-theme site on the decades in pop culture. Includes songs, movies, TV, and other topics. Lots of input, some opinions (your mileage may vary--I found some mis-interpretations here).

Wicked posterTheater

    Motion Pictures and Television


    Transcripts of motion pictures, television shows

    Episode Guides (TV Shows)

    • EpGuides. Episode lists for over 6100 TV shows, displaying titles and airdates; most have links to pages for that episode at (or sometimes The links may include guest stars and a plot summary.

    Sound Clips

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    TARDIS imageDoctor Who (Fifty years of shows)

    • Doctor Who 50th Anniversary BBC site. Celebrate the longest-running sci-fi series.
    • Doctor Who (BBC). Official site for the show, from beginning to the present. New episodes listings and much more. This is a continuation of the longest-running, science fiction television show. It is the ultimate universal show.
    • Doctor Who (BBC America). More official stuff.
    • Doctor Who TV. News on the show plus history, episode guides, etc. Also apps, media.
    • Doctor Who Home Page. Great unofficial page.
    • Taris Data Core. Wiki-encyclopedia for Dr. Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane, and K-9. Covers the entire universe ofsubject matter, show descriptions, book stories, etc. Includes entries for characters, creatures, cultures, places, etc.
    • History of Doctor Who (wikipedia). Good capsule history of the entire Doctor Who TV/movie productions.
    • List of Doctor Who creatures and aliens (wikipedia). Dr Who logoSee also other categories.
    • Doctor Who transcript excerpts (Chrissie's Transcripts Site). Read key pieces to episodes from the first doctor onward. Includes Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures, plus spin-offs and related shows..
    • Doctor Who Quotes. Seasons 1-7. Transcripts of notable quotes from each show; some shows have almost complete transcripts.
    • Doctor Who Links.
    • Blogtor Who (blog). News, events, TV info, great photos.
    • Doctor Who Online. Loud and full of anything you can imagine.
    • Doctor Who YouTube. Movies and clips.
    • Doctor Who Miniatures. Something I have tried to develop myself, someone has created rules, scenarios, and additional items for gamers wanting to try the ultimate concept: Time & Space gaming.

    Reference Sites


    • Fringe logoFringe (Official site). "Pattern" events that lead to an inter-twined plot of searching, solving, and being mystified, as the protaganists try to stop the extraordinary events before lives are in danger. Good cast, good story line, lots of innovative plots, and the coded messages at commercial breaks makes this a series that is alive and worth watching. Keyword for series: Pattern.
      • Fringe 'Fan' site. Official site section. Plots, episode data, photos, more.
    • Fringe ( More stuff. If this isn't enough, visit the Wikipedia Fringe page. It provides a capsule history, with actors, episodes, and other data.
    • Episode guide (EpGuides). Includes titles, cast and cameos, recaps, and trailers for each episode.

    Sanctuary (ended with season 4)

    • Sanctuary (SyFy). Offical site. This is another thought-provoking series with good characterization, plotlines, and infinite realms of possibilities. They also have a good sense of humor and each episode is more creative than the last. Keyword for series: Abnormal.
    • Sanctuary For All (Official site). Mainly a fan-site, but has episode/season summaries, and materials not found on TV or DVD.
    • Amanda Tapping Official website. In addition to materials regarding her, Amanda supports her program efforts.
    • Sanctuary (Wikipedia). Also useful for capsule history, with actors, episodes, and other data.
    • Sanctuary ( More to see.
    • Episode guide (EpGuides). Includes titles, cast and cameos, recaps, and more for each episode.

    Warehouse 13

    • Warehouse 13 (SyFy). Offical site. A mixture of science-fiction, fantasy, and supernatural events surrounding "artifacts," items having magical or scientifically advanced power. The show has good characters and plotlines, and mixes in humor with daily life in the hunter-preventer lives of the staff. Keyword: Artifacts.
    • Warehouse 13 streaming video (Hulu). Watch episodes you missed or want to review
    • Warehouse 13 Wiki. No, it's not Wikipedia, it's a wiki-encyclopedia for the W13 enthusiast.
    • Warehouse 13 (Wikipedia). Capsule history of the show, actors, episodes, links.
    • Episode guide (EpGuides). Includes titles, cast and cameos, recaps, and more for each episode.


    • Chakram imageWhoosh! The Journal of the International Association of Xena Studies. For anything on the television show, the characters, and related materials (the stories are still interesting after all these years). Includes links to Greek and Roman mythology (a good reason to visit). Also has in-depth discussions and resources on a lot of other fantasy/myth/sci-fi shows.

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