World of the Mayas

Visit the World of the ancient and modern Mayas. This includes Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and part of Mexico (mainly the Yucatán and Chiapas). My main interest is in Guatemala and its history and culture, with emphasis on scholarly and reliable resources.

I have also listed cross links to other topics, including: Archaeology, Ancient Mysteries, Guatemala and the Mayas, Calendars, and other fields. Links to sources for language translation, maps, and geographic names are also found below. These will assist the reader in identifying place names, dates, and foreign words (mostly Spanish).

Please visit often, and enjoy the trip. If you have any data or links that you wish to share, please feel free to contact me. I am always searching for more to add. Thank you!


2012: The End?

Guatemala and the Mayas

Glyphs and Maya Images


The Internet History Sourcebooks Project (created by Fordham University) provides a series of primary sources in a number of fields of history. It is intended to serve the needs of teachers and students in college survey courses in modern European history and American history, as well as in modern Western Civilization and World Cultures. I have prepared an outline page that will speed up the process of selecting the right page for your needs.

Maya weaving line

Archaeology, Ancient Mysteries, and Other Fields

Maya weaving line

Time and Calendars in Mesoamerica

Maya Calendars and Dates

Other Central/North American Cultures

Geography and Travel


Maps and Cartography

Spanish-English Dictionaries and Translation

Maya snake

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Animated snake above from God Locomotive Works