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Aigle d'Empire
Upcoming: Photographs of figures I painted (I added a few on this page); now that I have upgraded to a much better camera/studio system, all I need is time...

Photos are one objective that I have for this site. I'd like to someday include photos/lists of contents of various packages of figures. I have always thought that Old Glory for instance could sell more figs if there was a photo of each set so you could see before buying. That is why I want to show some of mine, and hopefully you may wish to share some of yours as well.

I have collected in several scales, but mainly doing 15mm because of the variety, quality, and availability of figures. I am interested in most eras (including fantasy), but my predominant periods are: Napoleonic Wars (including War of 1812), American Civil War, the Dark Ages, American War of Independence, and World War II.

My long-time collecting began in the early 60s with Airfix 22mm figures, then went through 20-25mm figures to add to those. I finally got into 15mm, my current preference. I also painting in 25/28mm (and have interest in larger scales for dioramas/display).

Featured pages: World War II Resources; Naval Warfare in the Age of Sail; Dreadnoughts & Battleships (World War I).


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Sources of uniform, flag, and unit materials
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  • The Miniatures Page. "A Web magazine..." Lots of information and links to all aspects of miniature figures.
  • MagWeb. Military history and more.
  • Battlefield Visits. See a number of battlefields as they appear today.
  • Librarium Online. Mega-forum on "Miniature Wargaming, Painting, and Scenery." Lots of stuff.


Ancient Period

The Ancient and Dark Ages wargaming region tends to bleed across from very early, through to Medieval. Check links in both sections. Where possible, I've separated links that are predominantly about each period.

The Dark Ages

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Wars of the Americas

American Revolution

Central & South American Revolutions

  • Gaming the South American Wars of Liberation. Covers all aspects of the period, including books, scenarios, uniforms, and resource links.
  • Wargaming South and Central American Conflicts (El Dorado). Latin American wars from Pre-Columbian to the present.
  • Liberators! (Grenadier Miniatures). Home of the book: Liberators! Napoleonic Wargaming in South America Volume I: The War in the South, and 15mm miniature figure range that also covers this period (Online shop).
  • Liberators! (John Fletcher blog). By the author of the rules.
  • Liberators, 1810-1830. (Yahoo group). For gamers using the Liberators! rules.
  • Liberators! product page (Principles of War site). Orders, resources, more visual samples of materials and figures.
  • Liberators Quick Play Rules.
  • Mayan Warfare. Brief article.
  • SACA Wars (Yahoo group). South and Central American Wars. A list for those who are interested in wargaming warfare in South and Central America. All periods covered, from Aztecs and Incas to Sandanistas and The Shining Path, in the area from Mexico to Tierra Del Fuego. Discuss rules, scenarios, figures and more.
  • South America. Despite the website title, this page relates to the Wars of Liberation. Has beautiful samples of painted figures.

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The Anglo-Zulu War (1879)

  • Anglo-Zulu War. For gamers. Introduction, resources, links.
  • Zulu Painting guide. Short article with color images of figures. Great if you are interested in individual units and their backgrounds.
  • Decisive Battles: Isandlwana 1879 (Graphic Firing Table blog). Nice images, some present-day, and text. Includes facts that are overlooked (or just ignored in favor of myths).
  • iButhu: Anglo Zulu War. Includes sound. Many historical materials, photos, etc. Shows individuals involved, artifacts.
  • Wargaming the Zulu War (blog). All aspects of the war, with relation to gaming it. Shows images, photos of miniatures, and links to anything you might need to study and game this period. Most important are links to good sites.
  • Major General Tremorden Rederring's Colonial-era Wargames page. Incredible amount of materials, rules, images, how-to, etc.
  • Trevor's Colonial Wargames. Gaming all wars of the period, but has a good Zulu War section.
  • Rorke's Drift. Odd site mostly relating to Victoria Cross winners, but has more than this.
  • Thin Red Line. Producers of reproduction uniforms. Has images showing equipment and uniforms.
  • Rorke's Drift Diorama for Victorious Cross wargame rules. Create a simple model for gaming purposes. Includes diagrams and layout, along with related links.
  • Wargames & Campaigns. 10mm World articles with battles fought; illustrated.
  • Battlefields Route: KwaZulu Natal. Battlefields of the war. Has interactive map with links to specific actions.

See also: Zulu War Historic links. Best history resources.

Other Colonial Wars

  • Colonial-era Wargames page (Major General Tremorden Rederring's). Great site with everything a Victorian Era gamer could want. It also slides into the early 20th Century colonial shrinkage period. See the Figure Sources for Victorian-era Wargaming page. Has not been updated recently (since 2006) so some links need updating but you can start here and search for these.

World War II

Sailing Navies

Dreadnoughts & Battleships (World War I)

Other Periods & Dimensions

Dr Who 50 yearsDoctor Who

  • Black Tree Design. For Doctors 1-8 this is the place.
  • Crooked Dice Really great for Doctors 9-10; look at figures and find ones to match your needs.
  • Heresy Miniatures Really great for Doctors 9-10; look at figures and find ones to match your needs
  • Hasslefree Really great for Doctors 9-10; look at figures and find ones to match your needs

Who Compatible Miniatures

Doctor Who Resources. BBC, other sites with episodes, plots, images and media, other.


Zombies! Page for zombie games using figures. Mostly relating to the great Twighlight Creations game series, but I've added my own figures to the game to add color and variety, plus the option for variant rules.

Heroscape System

  • Heroscape (Wizards of the Coast). Hybrid game uses pre-painted miniatures (you can create your own figures too) and a hex-based landscape that you create using their hex pieces to create any terrain imaginable. Originally manufactured by Milton Bradley Company, it is now run by Wizards of the Coast. More info at Wikipedia.
  • Heroscapers. For anything on the game system and variants, this is a great place. Resources, ideas, map designs, software, and discussions. If you are into Heroscape or anything in the system, this is the place to go. An example of a resource here is:
    • VirtualScape ( software program for Windows XP or Vista). You can create and edit heroscape battlefields and preview them in 3D. The software includes realistic rendering of all the official expansion sets.


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Amazon standard bearer: Viking ForgeImages



Many paints and modeling materials contain substances and elements that are hazardous to your health. Even though the label says "non-toxic" it only means that it is non-toxic under "normal" use. Here are a few pages concerning this. Check with your paint manufacturer for more on the paints you are using. Manufacturers produce Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) that list compounds used, safety issues and concerns. These are found online.

Painting Services

Buildings & Terrain

Terrain and Buildings for 28mm Figures

Model Making, Sculpting, Casting (Selected list)

Products and Supplies for Sculpting & Casting

Gaming (Rules, Clubs, Other)

Game Tools and Calculators

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Rules Sets

Reviews of Miniatures

These are mainly 15mm figures unless otherwise indicated.


  • 10mm World. See and compare different figures by company. View articles and other materials.

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Giantess: ReaperAssociated Topics

Sources of uniform, flag, and unit materials. Also Orders of Battle.

Lancers at sunsetCompanies (Makers and Distributors)

There are so many wonderful companies that it is impossible to list them all. Here is a selection of some that I have used or that I found of interest. See also: WW2 suppliers. My favorites: image

  • Alnavco. Producers of several scales of warships, as well as accessories. Has an armor division as well.
  • Battlefront/Flames of War, See: WW2 suppliers.
  • Black Hat Miniatures. Company owns the Gladiator Games 15mm line, plus other lines from 15mm-28mm .
  • Essex. English company making 15 and 25mm figures and accessories. See their gallery. Reviews and more images at the Society of Ancients page. For US distributor see: Wargames below.
  • image Eureka Miniatures USA. Australian company that produces good figures in a range of sizes and periods. Eureka does custom figures as well in 15/18mm and 25/28mm. They also carry a number of lines, including AB Miniatures. Eureka offers good, friendly service. Not just another miniature store. You can order from US or Australian stores and get the same great service.
  • Falcon Miniatures. 15mm and 25mm figures; all periods. Many unique or special figures (e.g., civilians, animals).
  • Fighting 15s. English store supplies: 10mm, 15mm, 28mm and 40mm white metal wargames figures from Eureka Miniatures of Australia, including 15mm AB Figures. Fighting 15s is the sole supplier of 15mm Flags for AB, and also stocks white metal miniatures from Aude, Camelot Miniatures, Oddzial Osmy, Shadowforge Miniatures, and Scale Creep Miniatures, plus Coat D'Arms paints.
  • imageGrandiosity Historical Miniatures and Military Books. My favorite miniature supplier. Dealer with complete line of miniatures, books, gaming materials, and a lot more.
  • JR MIniatures. (New owners). Buildings, entrenchments, all periods. Shows photos of most of its product range.
  • Magister Militum. Wide selection of figures and accessories, all scales. This is a great place to see what is available.
  • imageMiniatures of Chesapeake. Great company, great service, great discounts; offering a variety of ranges, including Flames of War, Peter Pig, Plastic Soldier, and Vallejo paints.
  • Old Glory 15s. "The official Battle Honors/Old Glory 15s website for manufacturer direct purchasing." They are the 15mm portion of the original Old Glory (see 25mm below). They show photos of OGs and Quality Castings (BH) figures and vehicles. 15mm Vikings
  • Old Glory. The 25mm figures site (Old Glory divided into two companies--15mm company above). Has photos of some of their line. Catalog is great reference and has additional materials. Also features latest additions to their growing lines. The image is a reduced-size version of one in their catalog. More photos of OGs here. This company also produces the 10mm Old Glory figures, and carries the 15mm "Command Decision" figure line (Skytrex WW2 and Modern).
  • Rebel Minis. Mostly 15mm, but some larger. Has "unique" ranges, including historical and fantasy/sci-fi figures. Some nice and unusual items (zombies, post-modern, ancients).
  • Skytrex. Has 15mm Command Decision line (WW2 and modern), with nice photos. Also has 1/300 and other scales of armor, aircraft, and ships (Meridian 1/350, 1/700, 1/3000 Napoleonic, WW2, Modern ships), and decals in a variety of scales.
  • Squadron Shop. All kinds of models, figures, modeling materials, books, etc.
  • Scale Creep Miniatures. Historic, fantasy, other; 6mm-25mm; ships, airplanes; rules, other. Also has variety of harder to find mini brands.
  • Scandinavian Wars. Lists who makes and sells figures for all scales, all periods, to do Scandinavian troops. HOWEVER, it covers more than just the Northern countries.
  • Tamiya
  • Internet Craftsmanship Museum
  • Verlinden Productions. Really impressive figures (1/35, 120mm, and larger), models, decals, and lots of stuff for modelers.
  • imageWar Store. Wide range of figures, vehicles, books, games, etc. Great service and great prices: ask for Neal.
  • imageWargames. American Essex figures distributor. They keep stock for the full range. Includes photos of some figures. Many other lines are available.
  • Miniatures INDEX. Long list of companies, with brief note on what they carry.

Tools and Accessories

  • imageApoxie Sculpt (Aves Studio). Great sculpting putty that is workable and dries hard, can be sculpted hard, and painted. See their other products as well. Look at all their products. Can't decide what to choose? View the Product Comparison Chart.
  • Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture. Build your own castles easily. Flexible molds for casting every kind of structural material for forts, castles, walls, houses, tombs, pyramids, dungeons, and more. Great for wargaming ideas.
  • Taskboard. Project board used in model making and creating 3D forms and objects. It is thin (1/32" or 1/16"), sturdy, sandable, can be shaped, glued, and painted. Perfect for modeling buildings, terrain levels, and more.
  • imageK & J Magnetics. Magnets to use for models? This is the best source for small, powerful (enough) magnets with great prices and good service.
  • imageLitko Aerosystems. Bases for models and miniatures. Excellent quality, all sizes, custom work too. Has pre-cut bases for many rules systems (Napoleon's Battles, Flames of War, etc.). Also makes game tokens and markers (game-specific, generic, and custom).
  • Newt's Playing Cards. Blank cards, sheet-feed blank computer cardstock, and anything relating to cards of all sorts. Even has a personalized card producing engine. Also has dice and other items.
  • QuickHex, the Hex-Paper Maker. Create hex sheets in any configuration using this neat tool.
  • Scale Card. Cards and rulers to measure scale sizes to ensure accuracy. From 1/12 to 1:700 scales. They also make a Scale Conversion Card.
  • imageMicro-Mark. Tools and accessories for miniature model making and figure work.
  • Super Deluxe Tuckbox Template Maker. Make your own boxes to hold cards in.
  • Inkwell Ideas. Role playing game software and accessories. Create maps, cards, other accessories for all types of games.
  • Hex-based Campaign Design. Techniques and methods for creating hex maps from games to entire worlds.

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