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Here are links to services for: news, weather, current events, and other related topics.

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Special Feature Pages

The following special coverage pages include, among other resources: links to news, images, maps, up-to-date info on relief and rescue efforts, science and social aspects, etc. Many of these are award-winning and major pages on their topics.
  • Buffalo Neighborhoods Map. Buffalo New York is the Queen City of the Great Lakes. Its neighborhoods are highlighted with images and links for each.
  • Fun Stuff @ Buffalo, New York. Find things to do, places to go, sports, entertainment, and more in Western New York State.
  • Gift Ideas for Academics, Scholars, Graduates, and People with unusual taste. Graduation gifts, or just gifts for the academic in your life! Gifts for scholars any time of the year. Learn where to find gifts with an academic interest for students, graduates, professors and teachers, or for your favorite scholar. Honor imageWorldwide highly recognized page
  • Hurricane Katrina (August/September 2005). The worst natural disaster in the United States is documented here, including: coverage of the disaster, relief, science and economic studies, and continuing efforts to renew the Gulf Coast region as well as plans to mitigate future disasters. Honor imageHighly recognized page
  • Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster (December 26, 2004). One of the largest disasters in modern times. This award-winning page covers everything from the earthquake to current activities to support the regional rennovation, economies, and ongoing efforts, as well as to provide the latest science-related data. Honor imageHighly recognized & honored page
  • Interesting Stuff. Links to Internet resources that I have located while working. Includes project notes and diverse topics.
  • Einstein and the Year of Physics, 2005. Celebration of the 100th anniversary of Einstein's publications on Relativity. Honor imageHighly recognized & honored page
  • Mount St. Helens 20th Anniversary page. Mainly on the 1980 eruption and the continuing story, along with scientific data and other features. Exhibit page is now a resource guide and lacks the graphics and color of the original, but the data and links are great.
  • Scanning Magic. Powerpoint presentation notes.
  • Searching the Internet to Find Accurate Data. Powerpoint presentation notes.
  • Today in History. From the Library of Congress, American Memory Project.

Seasonal Features

  • leaf-yellowFall Foliage. Where to go to see Autumn's splendor, and the science behind the change of seasons and change of foliage. Honor imageHighly recognized page
  • Maple Sugaring. Science and fun on the spring tradition of maple sugar production. Honor imageHighly recognized page

News Sources (Selected)

I tried to list a selection of major news services, objective news, and/or source news reporting. Since other websites provide a multitude of links, this list is kept very slim.

News by Topic

Astronomy News

Science News

  • Nature. Best source for current news on Nature, Biology, and related sciences.
  • Sciences page. Key features: General, Astronomy, Earthquakes and Volcanoes.


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Local Weather

National / International Weather

  • North America Weather Satellite Maps.
  • NOAA Calendar
  • Weather / Storm Watch. SpatialNews site with current data, maps, and links for all sorts of weather, climate, and other activities (including earthquakes!).
  • STORMFAX® Weather Services. Links and references to weather and climatology services, historical, and other data. Current information on hurricanes, tropical storms, and other weather activities, as well as information/links on such topics as: Ocean temperatures and conditions, tides, sunrise/moonrise, pollen, pollution, and UV conditions, weatherlore and history, and many others.
  • World Climate. provides instant weather reports and climate data for any location.

Climate & Weather Data Resources

  • Climate and Weather page. Comprehensive weather and climate resources, with links to major data sources worldwide

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