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Here are videos, notes, and links to various things I have discovered or located during my work. No particular commentary or opinion is being expressed by me. I found this interesting, thought-provoking, or just fun. That's it...

Lists and Miscellaneous

  • List of topics characterized as pseudoscience. Both past and present topics.
  • Grammarly (The World's Best Grammar Checker--their quote). An automated proofreader and your personal grammar coach. Correct up to 10 times more mistakes than popular word processors. It is not the ultimate force in proofing, but it will help considerably (still use your eyes and the eyes of others with skills).
  • Demonyms. What are people called from a country or place? Selected list (not complete; limited to website's use).
  • First Name. Find anything you want to know about a first name, including famous people with that name, songs with the name, and other reasons the name is known.
  • Lists of Minor Fictional Characters. Wikipedia page linking to lists of characters in numerous books and television shows, etc. Even has a list of Barbi's (doll) friends and relations.
  • Perpetual Calendar Calculator. Choose month and year; displays calendar.
  • Lord of the Rings Scenery Site. Want to model architecture, sculpture, or terrain from the stories? Beautiful pictures to assist modeling. Has download section with plans for constructing various items. Create your own Argonath, or Watcher in the Water, or Orthanc.

Google Searches

Atlantic Videos

Archeology and Mapping

Assorted Resources

Color Theory and Designing with ColorColor Wheel

Digitization Standards

The following are selected sources of requirements standards for scanning printed materials and artifacts, preserving recorded materials, and other forms of transfer to digital file formats.

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Shakespeare 400th Anniversary

Really Random but Fun

American Civil War

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Maps and Mapping

  • Old Maps Online.
  • Maps, Atlases & Gazetteers ( Map resources. Many of these are facsimiles of old maps and are very useful for research in other areas [requires Ancestry subscription to view results].
  • Data Tools & Apps (U.S. Census). Before you try and buy commercial software, take a look at the free stuff from the government first and see if something there might work.
  • Floating Sheep. Cartography meets social media. Serious studies of social issues using data shared by people as they tweet through their day.
  • Free ZIP Code Radius Finder Application (no endorsement). With the same great features as our free Radius Search and more, the ZIP Code Radius Search Application lets you run as many searches as you like, right from your computer. Stand-alone, but might require you to subscribe to databases of US and Canadian postal codes to use properly.
  • Prehistoric Lakes list. Wikipedia listing of ancient lakes in the world with links to pages and maps on those lakes.
  • Endorheic Basins list. Also Wikipedia. This lists water basins that do not drain to the sea.
  • Radius Maps for Business Planning. Build radius maps with data embedded for interactive use.
  • Real Property Information for Erie County. Enter a name or address and get the parcel data for that property. Includes parcel ID, owner name, previous ownership history, assessment, taxes paid, and property data.
  • Hexographer. Convert maps to hex-grid maps. Mainly for gaming purposes but has other applications.
  • 4 Tools to Compare the True Size of Maps. Neat tools for comparing countries and continents. Includes:
    • MapFight. Pull-down list of countries/continents; second pull-down for comparison region. Provides numeric and map comparison
    • OverlapMaps. Compare countries, states, bodies of water, physical features
    • MapFrappe. Uses Google map overlays to compare locations; match using specific features or addresses, etc.
    • BBC Dimensions (currently down 3/9/15).
  • Bing Maps: Bird's Eye View. Map using oblique satellite/high-altitude aerial photography to show more real view of ground.
  • Flash Earth. Using cross-hair target, get coordinates; every time the map is moved, the target's location reveals coordinates (in DMS).
    • NASA Terra daily map views. See your site from space as it is today (or select a date to see other dates).
  • OpenStreetMap maps. Link off to a variety of map tools and types; current link is to Niagara River example, but change location to wherever you want to go.
  • Google Compass. Stick a compass on your screen map and make sightings.

Cartography & GIS


Coordinate Searching (Lat/Long; UTM; DDS)

Buffalo, NY and Western New York

Erie County

New York Central Maps

Eastern United States

Niagara Falls (City), Ontario, Canada

  • Open Date Catalogue (GIS data). Data on a variety of topics, available for download and use in GIS systems.

Ciphers and Cryptography

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Names and Words

  • Language and Etymology. Links to online resources.
  • Behind the Name. "The etymology and history of first names." Name origins and relations. Covers many languages and includes mythological names. Useful for writers. "Family Tree" maps names and variants.
  • 10 Nicknames.

Plots, Characters, and More Insanity for Writers

Places to Be

Quotation Checking

Quotes are everywhere, but how can you trust what you read? Older printed reference works provided accurate quotations with citations to the source. Now, Internet quote resources sometimes provide cites, but more often provide misinformation and mis-attributed quotes. A small number of websites offer verified quotations and some include discussions on specific quotes. Here are a selection. You must try to check sources and decide for yourself. You will be surprised at how many misquotes are made.

  • Quote Investigator. Discussions of specific quotations with an analysis of their accurate attribution.
  • Wikiquote. Find accurate attributions and also mis-attributions. Entries by author and by topic.

Database Creation

Videos Worth Watching

Internet Accuracy

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