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Judith Hopkins, Technical Services Research and Analysis Officer
Central Technical Services, Lockwood Library Building
P.O.Box 602200
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260-2210
PHONE: (716) 645-2796
FAX: (716) 645-5955
E-MAIL ADDRESS (see at end)

Job responsibilities

Develops, monitors, and analyzes the full range of technical services operations and programs for the libraries served by Central Technical Services. Responsible for developing methods of analyzing current and proposed technical service activities, programs and procedures; carries out the selected methods. Solicits and analyzes information and drafts reports and policy statements related to technical services activities. Writes narratives and prepares budgets for grant proposals for projects in which Central Technical Services is involved. Plays the primary role in developing and maintaining a current awareness of national technical service developments and trends. Served as RLIN Liaison and coordinates OCLC and RLIN documentation. Participates in the coordination of technical service activities with those of other areas of the University Libraries. Assists the Director of Central Technical Services and the Heads of the Acquisitions and Cataloging Departments in technical services planning.

A copy of my Curriculum Vitae can be seen at Judith's CV

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