The Principle Investigator

Scientists and Staffs

  • Dr. Chengjian Tu, Research Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Shichen Shen, Research scientist, Chief Art Officer
  • Dr. Bo An, Research scientist
  • Ming Zhang, Associate Director of Facility
  • Yang Qu, Research Scientist & Lab Manager


  • Andrew Ying Hui Ng, Ph. D Student, Oral Biology (Co-mentorship with Dr.Shuying Yang)
  • Xue Wang, Ph. D Student, Biophysics
  • Sailee Suryakant Rasam, Ph. D Student, Biochemistry
  • Jie Pu, M.S. Student, Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Shihan Huo, Pharm. D Student, Pharmacy
  • Chao Xue, M.S Student, Chemical Engineering
  • Xiaoyu Zhu, M.S Student, Pharmaceutical Sciences


  • Dr. Xiaosheng Jiang
  • Dr. Xiaotao Duan
  • Hao Wang, Research Scientist at Agilent China
  • Dr. Jin Cao
  • Dr. Lipeng Dai
  • Dr. Eslam Nouri-Nigjeh, Postdoc Research Associate at University of Washinton
  • Dr. Lei Nie, Shandong University
  • Dr. Miao Qu, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
  • Dr. Xiaomeng Shen, Amgen
  • Dr.Wei Fu
  • Dr. Jun Li, Albany Molecular Research Inc.
  • Dr. Hua Wei
  • Yuan-Ju Chen

Update date: May, 2018