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  • September 2015–June 2020
    Transcription mechanism of Myrf for central nervous system myelination.
    Role: Co-Investigator
  • October 2015–September 2019
    Dynamic Remodeling From Reversible Ischemia and Sudden Cardiac Arrest
    Department of Veterans Affairs
    Role: Co-Principal Investigator
  • September 2015–August 2019
    ER stress and diabetic retinopathy
    Role: Co-Principal Investigator
  • August 2014–May 2019
    Function of Regulator of G protein signaling in aging skeleton
    Role: Co-Investigator
  • June 2014–May 2019
    Regulation of skeletal development and homeostasis by IFT protein
    Role: Co-Investigator
  • January 2015–December 2018
    PTPN14 and YAP tyrosine modification regulate the YAP oncogenic function
    American Cancer Society (ACS)
    Role: Co-Principal Investigator
  • December 2015–November 2017
    A high-throughput LC/MS method for quantification of biotherapeutics
    Role: Principal Investigator
  • September 2012–July 2017
    Gamma-hydroxybutyrate: Toxicokinetics, Toxicodynamics and Treatment Strategies
    Role: Co-Investigator
  • June 2014–May 2017
    Vitamin D and Children’s Diabetes
    Murdoch Childrens Research Institute
    Role: Principal Investigator
  • December 2014–December 2016
    Study of the ER-mitochondria interface as a new target in diabetic retinopathy
    NIH, NEI
    Role: Co-Investigator

Update date: May, 2017