Andrew Ying Hui Ng


I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Biotechnology and a minor in Pharmacology and Toxicology from the University at Buffalo (UB) in 2013. While pursuing my undergraduate degree, I participated in an internship with Kinex Pharmaceuticals, where I worked to elucidate the mechanism of a novel class of immunosuppressants. I acquired additional research experience in an academic lab in the UB Department of Biotechnical and Clinical Laboratory Sciences (BCLS), where I studied Exportin-7, a protein critical for nuclear extrusion during mammalian erythrocyte differentiation. I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. degree from the UB Deparment of Oral Biology and under the co-mentorship of Dr. Shuying Yang and Dr. Jun Qu. My research is focused on using LC/MS and proteomics as a tool to discern the molecular mechanism behind skeletal aging and the role of primary cilia in osteoarthritis.


1. Shen S, Li J, Hilchey S, Shen X, Tu C, Qiu X, Ng A, Ghaemmaghami S, Wu H, Zand M, Qu J*. An Ion-Current-Based Temporal Proteomic Profiling of Influenza A Virus Infected Mouse Lungs Revealed Underlying Mechanisms of Altered Integrity of the Lung Microvascular Barrier. J Proteome Res. 15(2):540-53. (2016)

Update date: May, 2018