Who are we?

  •   We are a young and energetic research team working on the clinical, preclinical and pharmaceutical proteomics, with the purposes of discovering novel biomarkers for diagnosing/staging diseases, evaluating drug effects and elucidating of pathological/physiological processes.
      Our works are preliminarily based on the utilization of state-of-the-art liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC/MS) techniques for the investigation of extremely complex biological, clinical and pharmaceutical matrixes.
      We develop and apply novel analytical strategies that provides sensitive, comprehensive and accurate characterization of complex biological systems, as well as focused, highly-sensitive analysis of target proteins, pharmaceutical agents and endogenous markers. Many of our research projects are directed toward high-level clinical and pharmaceutical studies.
      We are particularly strong in studying a highly complex clinical/pharmaceutical system at proteome levels with high coverage, in determining of therapeutic proteins with extremely high sensitivity and accuracy, and in characterizing signal proteins without using antibody/antigen.
      We have strong connections with both renowned academic research groups and major pharmaceutical companies.

What's new in the lab?

Update date: May, 2018