Bo An


I obtained my bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutics at China Pharmaceutical University in 2009. With a couple of years of industry experiences in drug developments, I joined the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department, University at Buffalo, in 2012. I will receive my MS degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in September 2014, and I am going to continue my PhD degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Buffalo. My research interests are LC/MS based biotherapeutics development approaches, including analysis method development, optimization, application on mAb quantification in biomatrix and ADC characterization, and biotherapeutics PK/PD study.  


1. An B, Zhang M, Johnson RW, Qu J*. Surfactant-Aided Precipitation/On-Pellet-Digestion (SOD) Procedure Provides Robust and Rapid Sample Preparation for Reproducible, Accurate and Sensitive LC-MS Quantification of Therapeutic Protein in Plasma and Tissues. Anal Chem. 87(7):4023-9 (2015)

2. Nouri-Nigjeh E, Zhang M, Ji T, Yu H, An B, Duan X, Balthasar J, Johnson RW, Qu J*. Effects of calibration approaches on the accuracy for LC-MS targeted quantification of therapeutic protein. Anal Chem. 86(7):3575-84. (2014)

3. An B, Zhang M, Qu J*. Towards Sensitive and Accurate Analysis of Antibody Biotherapeutics by LC/MS. Drug Metab. Dispos. 42(11):1858-66 (2014)

4. Qu M, An B, Shen S, Zhang M, Shen X, Duan X, Balthasar JP, Qu J*. Qualitative and quantitative characterization of protein therapeutics with liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry. Mass Spectrom Rev. [Epub ahead of print]. (2016)

Update date: May, 2017