Zhen Yan, Ph.D.


Department of Physiology and Biophysics

School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

State University of New York at Buffalo


Research Interests:  

Mechanisms for the Regulation of Ligand-gated Ion Channels and Synaptic Transmission

     Information processing in the central nervous system (CNS) is achieved by the interplay between chemical and electrical signals. Neurotransmitters (e.g. serotonin, dopamine, acetylcholine) and hormones (e.g. corticosteroid) influence CNS functions by regulating ion channels, which can produce short-term changes in membrane excitability and long-term changes in synaptic plasticity. Dysfunctions of these neuromodulators in specific brain regions have been implicated in the pathogenesis of various mental disorders, including Schizophrenia, depression and Alzheimer’s disease. One of our major goals is to understand how these neuromodulators regulate ligand-gated ion channels and synaptic transmission in prefrontal cortex, a key region controlling cognition and emotion.

     Neuromodulators exert their actions through G protein-coupled receptors or nuclear hormone receptors. These receptors link to various intracellular signaling cascades, which potentially influence different ion channels in a specific and coordinated manner.  We use a combination of multiple approaches to reveal signal transduction pathways mediated by neuromodulators.  Specifically,

Our studies will provide knowledge on the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the regulation of synaptic transmission by neuromodulators, which is important for mental health and diseases.



prefrontal cortex; G protein-coupled receptors; stress hormones; NMDA/AMPA receptor channels; GABAA receptor channels; protein kinases and phosphatases; cytoskeleton; trafficking; scaffolding proteins; disease susceptibility genes.


Contact Information:

Email:                            zhenyan@buffalo.edu
Tel:                                (716) 829-3058 (office), (716) 829-3592 (lab)
Fax:                               (716) 829-2699
Lab location:                  Biomedical Research Building (BRB) Rm. 546-550, Rm. 545

Office location:              BRB Rm. 551 

Mailing address:            124 Sherman Hall, Buffalo, NY 14214


Recent Selective Peer-Reviewed Publications:  


·        Cheng J, Xiong Z, Duffney LJ, Wei J, Liu AY, Liu S, Chen GJ, Yan Z (2014) Methylphenidate exerts dose-dependent effects on glutamate receptors and behaviors. Biol. Psychiatry (in press). [PDF file]

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·       Gu Z, Cheng J, Zhong P, Qin L, Liu W, Yan Z (2014) Ab selectively impairs mGluR7 modulation of NMDA signaling in basal forebrain cholinergic neurons: implication in Alzheimer’s disease. J. Neurosci. 34:13614-13628. [PDF file]

·       Smith KR, Davenport EC, Wei J, Li X, Pathania M, Vaccaro V, Yan Z, Kittler JT (2014) GIT1 and bPIX link Rac1 signalling to GABAA receptor cluster stability and inhibitory synapse strength. Cell Reports (in press). [PDF file]

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