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Leading Neuroscientist Yan Wins Stockton Kimball Award - Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences - University at Buffalo (UB News, June 2023)

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It may be possible to reverse memory loss caused by Alzheimer's (New York Post, Jan. 2019)

Dementia patients'memories could be RESTORED with injection to suppress certain enzymes, study on mice suggests (England′s Daily Mail, Jan. 2019), (Science Media Centre)

Alzheimer's disease: It may be possible to restore memory function, preclinical study finds (UB News Center, Jan. 2019) (EurekAlert!/AAAS)

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This Common Cancer Drug Could Help Fight Autism's Social Challenges (Science Alert, March 2018) (Medical News Today) (Pharmaceutical-Technology) (New Atlas)

UB research on advanced Alzheimer's disease investigates novel ways to restore cognitive function (UB News Center, June 2017)

Researchers unravel a link between a genetic mutation and autistic behaviors - and then find a way to undo it (UB News Center, May 2015) (Bioscience Technology) (Science Daily) (Drug Discovery and Development)

Cell skeleton breakdown may spur autism symptoms in mice (Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative, June 2015)

Autism 'Reversed' When Cellular Damage Caused By A Genetic Mutation Is Undone In Mice: Study (Medical Daily, May 2015)

Females respond better to stress, thanks to estrogen, study says (Los Angeles Times, July 2013)

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