On July 15, 2001, eleven brave souls from around the United States ventured to the pacific northwest to help the Chinook Trail Association with a number of trail projects.  The following pages of pictures are some of the highlights we all enjoyed while helping the friendly people of the Chinook Trail Association to make hiking in the area a more enjoyable experience.

     For those of you looking for an interesting and rewarding experience, I would highly recommend taking a trip in which you volunteer you services to an an organization like the Chinook Trail Association, Sierra Club or the American Hiking Association.  Last year I took part in a trip with the Sierra Club were we hiked 7 miles into the Salt Park area of the Rocky Mountains and used GPS units to map the infestation of a plant known as "toadflax" that was having and adverse effect on the area.  You meet many interesting people on these trips and are sure to have some memories that will last you a lifetime.  

Don's Garden

Rock Wall Project 

Bridge Project

Lake along the Pacific Coast Trail

Skamania Lodge Hot Tubs

The Waterfall is this big! & That is one Big Tree

Johann meets the Rubber Boa

Views from Beacon Rock


Mike Schlicht

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