Once we completed the Pacific Coast Trail trail clearing effort, we drove to the Skamania Lodge to soak in the hot tubs!  They offer ten visits to the hot tubs for $50.  We all chipped in $5 a piece, took a nice soothing shower and hopped into the hot tubs to sooth some very sore muscles.  Afterwards, we all met up on the patio for some drinks and soaked up the view.  Both of these were taken from the patio of the Lodge.  From the telescope inside the lodge you could watch wind surfers ride the waves of the Columbia river.  It was a terrific afternoon and we all hated to leave to go back to our tents, but the barbeque awaited us that evening and were all looking forward to it.  Special thanks goes to the Skamania Lodge who didn't object to our appearance after working on the PCT all day. 

Gail, I did refrain from posting a picture of the "ugly shirt" just for you!  :)