Another project that we had the opportunity to take part in was to build a bridge over a culvert that is scheduled to be taken out in the near future.  The project involved digging out some dirt around the culvert itself to make it easier to remove once the bridge was built over it.  This was a lengthy project taking 2 1/2 days to complete. 

The first picture is somewhat blurry but shows what trail looked like before the bridge was put into place.  Mark and Roger (from the Chinook Trail Association) are pictured here at the start of the project after we all hauled the tools and wood up the trail.  Mark has some much clearer pictures of the this stage that can be found at:

     Here we have dug out some of the dirt around the culvert, placed the moorings on the bridge and are starting to screw in the floorboards of the bridge itself. 

    The following two pictures were taken as the bridge was nearing completion.  Mark and I were putting in the railings and Johann and Don were looking for fill to level the trail with the new height of the bridge and locate some rocks to help divert water under the bridge during the spring melt.

A picture of the Bridge crew.  From left to right:  Mike, Mark and Johann.

    The finished product, complete with landscaping!  The ferns were a nice touch Don.