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Dr. Yanguang Cao (currently Res. Ast. Prof., University at Buffalo), Minimal PBPK models for monoclonal antibodies 

Dr. Gary Mo (Post-doctoral Fellow), Role of pharmacodynamic response in the clearance of drugs targeting membrane-bound

Weiyan Zhang, Ph.D., (post-doctoral fellow, University at Buffalo), In vivo mechanisms of drug-load release for antibody drug
conjugates (ADC) and their relationships to drug-related toxicity

Jie Zhao, Research Associate, Distribution of Etanercept to Sites of Inflammation in Collagen-Induced Arthritic Rats

Frank Engler, Ph.D. candidate, Evaluation of the influence of nephropathy on mAb disposition

Xi Chen, Ph.D. Candidate, Effects of inflammation on mAb pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Patrick Glassman, Ph.D. candidate, PBPK model of mAb disposition: Inclusion of mAb-target pH-dependent dissociation and
FcRn-mediated recycling

Tommy Li, Ph.D. candidate, Effects of immunosuppressive therapy on human FcRn expression in transgenic mice

Veena Thomas, Ph.D. candidate, Evaluation of mAb-receptor binding: Comparison of experimental methods and model-
based inference

Anas Fathallah, Ph.D. candidate, Determining immunogenicity risk associated with product aggregation and route of

Jun Wang, Ph.D. candidate, ‘Tumor priming’ to enhance mAb penetration in pancreatic cancer

Gurkishan Chada, Ph.D. candidate, Effect of Type II diabetes mellitus and chronic kidney disease on antibody

Anita Moein, M.S., candidate, Evaluation of mAb distribution to the brain: Non-invasive imaging vs. necropsy

Mark Bryniarski, Ph.D. candidate, Absorption mechanisms of monoclonal antibodies following oral delivery protected by
Cholestosomes(TM), using imaging of lymphatics to define absorption

Yang Chen, Ph.D. (currently employed at Novartis) Physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling of IgG

Qi (Nancy) Zhang, Ph.D. PK/PD/PG/DIS Models for Etanercept Interactions with Cytokines in a Rat Model of RA

Shang-Chiung Chen, Ph.D. (currently employed at Genentech) Investigation of the influence of FcRn recycling on the target-mediated
elimination of of anti-CEA
monoclonal antibodies in mice

Xiaoyan Zhang, Ph.D. (Res. Ast. Prof., University of Florida) Investigation of the influence of Fc-gamma-R on the elimination of
monoclonal antibodies

John Harrold, Ph.D. (currently employed at Amgen) Multiscale Systems Analysis of Anti-CD20 mAb Pharmacodynamics

Leonid Kagan, Ph.D. (Ast. Prof., Rutgers University) Interferon-beta Biodisposition and Effects on Osteolytic Lesions

Lubna Abuqayyas, Ph.D. (currently employed at Amgen) PBPK modeling of the disposition of non-targeted and targeted antibodies
in SCID mice

Dr. Hoi Kei Lon (currently employed and AbbVie), Etanercept Pharmacokinetics in Collagen-Induced Arthritic Rats

Tao Ji, Ph.D. Use of accelerator mass spectrometry for investigating target ligand turnover kinetics

Bo Zheng, Ph.D.

Alison Gaudy, Ph.D. (currently employed at Celegene, Inc.) Influence of charged residues in the variable domain on half-life, tissue
distribution, and bioavailability of therapeutic IgG antibodies

Meric Ovacik, Ph.D. (currently employed at xxx) Algorithmic study design for identification of target expression from disposition data









Center for Protein Therapeutics, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York