Ion-current-based MS1 quantification (Ion-star)

We devised a unique ion-current-based MS1 quantitative method, named Ion-star, for proteome-wide comparison of protein expression. Quantitative feasures (MS1) are acquired in a data-independent manner via SIEVE (Thermo Scientific) and subsequently matched with identification results. Several other unique featuress are also included for removal of shared peptides, detection & rejection of outliers, and experimental estimate and control of false altered protein discovery rate (FADR). This well-optimized protocol enables global quantification of more than 5,000 proteins in ~50 replicated with high quantitative accuracy & precision, plus extremely low level of missing data. Additionally, extensive proteome coverage as well as much improved quantification of low-abundance proteins could be achieved.

Downloading IonStar: IonStarStat0.1.3.rar




Update date: May, 2017