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"...the splendid standard never would be dishonored"

Presentation of the Flag of the Irish Regiment
Buffalo Daily Courier 10-6-1862

On Saturday afternoon, the monotony of life at Camp Morgan sustained a notable and jubilant intelligence. It had been announced that the flag obtained for Colonel McMahon's Irish regiment, by Mayor Fargo and Harlow W. Chittenden Esq, would be presented with due ceremony, and the consequence was a brilliant assemblage of spectators - ladies and gentlemen.

About half past four o'clock, the regiment was drawn up in line on the
parade ground, and formed into three sides of a hollow square. In consequence of the illness of Mayor Fargo, Chas S. Macomber was deputed to make the presentation speech to the Colonel, officers, and soldiers. He did it eloquently and well, eliciting round after round of cheers from the men. He referred to the glorious cause for which
they were enlisted, and appealed very happily both to the patriotism
and national feeling of his Irish audience, as he declared his
assurance that the splendid standard never would be dishonored in
their struggles with the enemies of constitutional freedom. Cheers for
the orator, and for Messrs Fargo & Chittenden, were given at the
conclusion of the speech.

Colonel McMahon then responded briefly, but with evident feeling and
earnestness. If he knew the hearts of the men he commanded, he said,
that flag indeed would be sacredly guarded, and would become in their
hands, the emblem of hard fighting and glorious victory. He returned the profound thanks of the regiment for the noble generosity of the donor of the flag.

At the conclusion of his speech, the Colonel called upon General
Brayman, of the Army of the West, to address the soldiers. This he did
in a very interesting manner. He referred to the splendid fighting he
had seen done by Irish soldiers at Fort Donelson and elsewhere, and
praised them for their noble service in the cause of their adopted
country. They were not famous for respecting rebel property, he
intimated. In fact, it was said, that when they marched through a
populous country the inhabitants were accustomed to put on their
overcoats, thinking, from the feathers of the chickens they
confiscated, that snow had begun to fall. And of one Irish regiment
out west the story runs that the men could catch a pig on the point of
their bayonets as they passed, without breaking step. He said that
Irishmen were ever the fiercest, the wildest, the most irresistible
when they came in front of the enemy. He was confident that the
beautiful banner with which they were presented would always be
borne with honor by the soldiers of the 155th New York.

As we have already elaborately described the flag, it is unnecessary
for us now to say more than that it looked, with its gorgeous hues of
green and gold in the light of the setting sun at Fort Porter, an
emblem under which an Irishman, "or any other man", would be proud to march.

Buffalo Daily Courier 10-1-1862

"It is made of heavy, doubled green silk, magnificently fringed
with gold, and mounted in the most tasteful manner (a rosewood lance, ed.). On, what we would regard the right side, are the words -


Corcoran's Irish Legion

We Strike for the Union and the Constitution

Nearly in the centre is the Harp, with the Shamrock in gold, folding itself around the central figure. On the reverse of the banner, and on the left upper corner, we find the American Eagle, shield, darts, etc, on a skyey background of perfect artistic execution. Opposite, are the arms and motto of the State of New York, a splendid piece of work, and also the dedicatory sentiment, which reads:

"Presented to the Corcoran Guards of Buffalo, N.Y.
by Hon. Wm. G. Fargo, Mayor of Buffalo,
and Harlow W. Chittenden, Esq."

* Submitted by Benedict Maryniak, President of the Buffalo Civil War Round Table


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