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Gettysburg 1998

Camp scenes of the Irish Volunteers: Antietam, 1997

The Brigade forms up

The Column marches from camp

Pvt. Kevin P. Gorman
"Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier"


First Sgt. Carl Burkhardt calls the roll of Co. I.

155th NY and the Irish Vol's at 135th Gettysburg! July 1998

The 155th New York and The Irish Volunteers in the Day 1 fighting, portraying the 16th Maine Regiment. The flags in the background are the Maine colors that at the end of the scenario were destroyed rather than be captured - as were the real colors of the 16th Maine on July 1, 1863. Lieutenant John Brown (right front, of the 23rd Ohio Co. B, the 155th's brother unit) and Captain Larry Wagner (center) look pleased with their "fighting Irish".

Robert Carter, S.J. of the 69th NY Co. A (NYC), portraying Fr. William Corby, reenacts Corby's solemn ceremony of General Absolution of the Irish Brigade (portrayed by the Irish Volunteers) prior to the charge on the Wheatfield during the Day 2 fighting. The colors are those of the 28th MA and 69th NY Co. A.

This photo of the Irish Volunteers is at the moment of final victory in Pickett's Charge. The green flag is that of the 69th PA, which the Irish Volunteers portrayed for the scenario. In this photo, despite the fierce fighting, the green banner of Erin still flies over the Bloody Angle before the Copse of Trees.


155th New York Volunteers
Captain David Bertuca

S-4748 Hunters Creek Road
East Aurora, NY 14052-9510

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