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Roll Call!

Buffalo Companies of the 155th NY Volunteers, August 1862

The lists below are of men recruited in 1862. Additional names were added to the company rosters as others joined and these will be added following research in the New York State rosters.

If you have a question about a soldier appearing on this list send us a note! We are happy to tell you what we may know! Also, if you have additional information about any of these soldiers or are a descendant, please contact us. We are trying to update the list to be as accurate as possible.

155th New York Volunteer Infantry
Recruited Buffalo, New York, 1862

Company I
Company K

Links to other 155th NY members

Recruiting poster for the 170th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment of the Corcoran Legion. The 155th also recruited in a similar manner, emphasizing the Irish cause and the fight for freedom


155th New York Volunteer Infantry Company I
Recruited Buffalo, New York

George Barry, Pvt.
George A Barth, Pvt.
Alex Bingham, Pvt.
John Bloomstein (Bloomenstein), Pvt. Discharged 2/63
Edward G Burns, Pvt. Prom Cpl., Sgt.
John Burns, Pvt.
John Byrne, Capt. Prom Major 3/63
John Carney, Cpl.
Michael Casey, Cpl.
John Cassady, Pvt.
Nelson Charles, Pvt.
John Clandus, Pvt. Discharged 2/64
James Clark, Pvt.
Anthony Collins, Pvt. Prom Cpl.
William Coyle, Pvt.
Hugh Crane, Pvt.
Patrick Cruise, Pvt. Killed Cold Harbor
James Curnan, Pvt. Prom Cpl.
William Dean, Pvt.
James Dempsey, Pvt.
John Dennison, Cpl. Prom Sgt 10/63 Died Andersonville
Michael Dennison, Pvt. Discharged 11/63
Daniel Donavan, Cpl.
George Donnelly,Sgt.
John Donohue, Pvt. Prom Cpl.
Patrick Donohue, Pvt.
Daniel Dout (Dowd), Pvt. Died Andersonville
William Duffy, Pvt.
Thomas Edmonds, Pvt. Wagoner
William H Edwards, Pvt.
John Fitzpatrick, Pvt.
John Gallivan, Pvt. Transferred to VRC
Martin Gallivan (Galiran), Drummer
Daniel Garey, Sgt. Prom 1st Sgt 6/63 Mortally wounded Cold Harbor
John Glen, Pvt.
Allen Gray, Pvt.
James Griffin, Pvt. Prom Cpl.
John Harris, Pvt.
William Hefferan, Pvt.
Patrick Heison, Pvt.
Joseph Humphrey, Pvt. Died Andersonville
William Ingraham, Pvt.
Samuel Jenkins, Pvt.
James Kane, Pvt.
Patrick Kane, Pvt.
William Keefe , Pvt. Killed, bullet in head
John Kelly, Pvt. Mortally wonded at Petersburg
Maurice Kelly, Pvt. Captured and paroled
Patrick Kelly, Cpl. Prom Sgt.
Patrick Kelly, Pvt.
Lackay ???, Cpl. Prom Commissary Sgt.
Joseph Lanning, Pvt.
John Leary, Pvt. Lost finger-transferred to VRC
Alfred Lidwell, Fifer
Christian Lieber, Pvt.
George Lo, Pvt. MIA
John Macmilian MIA Hatcher's Run 10/27/64
John Marley, Pvt.
Patrick Marr, Pvt. Wagoner Captured Burke's Sta, paroled
William Mathews, Pvt. Prom Cpl. Died Andersonville
John McAnally, Capt.
Patrick McCabe, Cpl. Prom Sgt 8/64. 1st Sgt 3/65
Bernard McCaffery, Pvt. Discharged 2/63
Andrew McCarty, Pvt. Cook Enlisted at Suffolk, VA
James McClane, Pvt.
Robert McCloud, Pvt.
James McClure, Pvt.
Daniel McDade, Pvt. Prom Cpl.
Angus McMullen, Pvt.
Hubert McNamara, Pvt. Wounded (both legs) Cold Harbor
John McNamara, Pvt.
George W Miller, Pvt.
Michael Moncher (Manecher), Pvt. Trans to VRC
Hugh Mooney, 2nd Lt.
W B Myers, Cpl.
Timothy O'Brian (O'Bryan), Pvt.
William O'Brian (O'Bryan), Pvt.
James O'Connell, Bugler
Denis O'Connor, Pvt. Discharged 2/63
Michael O'Donnell, Pvt.
Patrick O'Keefe, Pvt. Discharged 2/63
John O'Neil, Pvt.
John H Parsonson, Pvt.
William Pelew, Pvt.
Robert Phelan, Pvt. Prom Cpl. Transferred to Navy
Charles Priest, Pvt. Prom Cpl.,2nd Lt., Capt. (Co. D)
Lewis Pugh, Pvt.
George F Quinn, Sgt.
Lawrence Rockly ???, Pvt.
Thomas Ryan, Pvt. Disability discharge
Charles Shaffer, Pvt.
Wiliam Silk, Pvt.
Alexander Sinclair, Pvt.
Bonaparte Slimindinger, Pvt. Died Andersonville
David Smith, Pvt. Died Salisbury
Charles Snow, Pvt.
Thomas Stephens, Pvt.
James Sweeney, Pvt. Temp musician Died Andersonville
George Tipping, Sgt. Killed Hatcher's Run
John Tool ???, Pvt.
John Toole, Pvt.
William Wiley, Pvt. Died
Thomas Wiley Willy, Pvt. Prom Cpl., Sgt
Dean Wilson, 1st Sgt Prom 2nd Lt. Court Martial, dismissed for AWOL
James Worthington, 1st Lt.

155th New York Volunteer Infantry Company K
Recruited Buffalo, New York (not alphabetical)

McConvey, James Captain
McNalley, John 1st Lieutenant
Ternan, John 2nd Lieutenant
Donoughoe, Cornelius 1st Sergeant
McNalley, Robert Sergeant
Seymore, John Sergeant
Kenny, James Sergeant
Goss, John Sergeant
O'Connell, Owen Private
Frawley, Daniel Corporal
Kenny, James Corporal
Dolan, Patrick Corporal
Evans, Robert Corporal
Phillips, Nathaniel Corporal
White, John Corporal
O'Donnell, John Corporal
Jenvain, John H. Musician
Smith, Newell M. Musician
Brennan, Thomas Private
Bornwell, Thomas Private
Burkeny, Joseph Private
Burkeny, Nicholas Private
Blake, Patrick Private
Bogart, Amenzo Private
Brower, John Private
Berthal, Theodore Private
Clabeaux, Philip Private, W-Cold Harbor; disability discharge- 23 Dec 1864
Carroll, Thomas Private
Catrick, Lewis Private transferred to 164th NY
Collins, Michael Private
Cotter, James Private
Delany, Edward Private
Dempsey, John Private
Dibble, Oram Private
Farley, John Private
Foster, John Private
Foley, Mathew Private promoted sgt.; POW-Ream's Station
Grimer, Henry Private W-Cold Harbor
Gardner, Robert Private promoted cpl.; KIA-Cold Harbor
Gill, John Private
Handy, Richard Private
Hellirick, Frederick Private
Haly, James Private
Kelty, Daniel Private
Kelleher, John Private
Kilbride, John Private
Kinnane, Patrick Private transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps
Lawler, Michael Private
Langraff, Henry Private
Mourne, Hugh Private
Armstrong, Francis Private
Black, John Private
Case, John Private
Collins, John Private
Cotter, Henry Private
Cunningham, William Private
Donahoe, John Private
Dorsey, John Private
Dynehart, Albert Private
Egan, Patrick Wagoner promoted cpl.
Fahey, Patrick Private W-10/28/64 Boydton Road; lost leg
Fahey, Thomas Private
Gay, Charles Private KIA-Petersburg
Green, John Private promoted cpl.
Hamahan, Patrick Private W-Cold Harbor
Hickey, John Musician KIA-Alexandria, 11/28/63
Mabon, John (Meghan) Private
Mahon, James Private discharged 2/63
McCormack, John Private W-Petersburg
McGowan, Patrick Private
McIntosh, James Private W-Cold Harbor
McKenney, Jerenlab? Private D
Miller, Joseph Private Corporal
Monneth, Jerry Private D
Moyer, Samuel Private D
Mulholland, John Private D
Mundy, Peter Private D
Muns, Andrew Private D
Kenny, John Wagoner D
Muns, Daniel Private D
Proughlough, Anthony Private D
Redmond, Mortimer Private KIA-Cold Harbor also listed on desertions
Remine, Miles B. Private D
Roche, James Private D
Roth, Anthony Private D * from NYC
Shefferly, John Private D
Shoemaker, Anthony Private D
Smith, Jacob M. Private
Discharged for wounds
Stukins, William Private D
Sullivan, Daniel Private D
Muratt, Joseph (Meuret)Private D
Sykes, James Private D
Trowbridge, Samuel Private D
Vanecoyke, Thomas Private D
Vaughan, John J., Jr. Private D
Woody, John Private D
Newkirk, Delevan Private
Niezer, John (Neeser) Private
O'Connor, Charles Private
O'Mara Patrick Private
O'Neill, William Private
Owens, Michael Private K-Cold Harbor
Person, Edward Private W-Spotsylvania


This record is based on official muster rolls. Many men in this listing were wounded, killed, mia or discharged though not all outcomes have been noted. "D" indicates deserter.

This is not a complete listing of these companies, nor is all the data completely accurate. We are updating as we can and when we find more to add. If you have information to share, please contact us.

Data on Soldiers from the 155th NY, Cos. I & K (various pages)

Please send us your links or data that we can add to this list.

Phillip Clabeaux

Daniel Dout (Dowd). Descendant research relating to this Company I soldier (page: Paddy Bawn Brosnan & the American Civil War. From website: Irish in the American Civil War.


Soldiers from other 155th companies

Michael Brennan page has facsimile documents and wartime record info from pension request.
Edward P. Doherty (Co. A); bio and burial info.


155th New York Volunteers
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