• Spring 2015

    Linguistics 624: Quantitative Methods
  • Fall 2015

    Linguistics 431/531 - Phonetics
  • Linguistics 623 - Seminar on Prosody
  • Spring 2016

    Linguistics 301 - Sound structure of English
  • Fall 2016

    Linguistics 431/531 - Phonetics
  • Linguistics 519 - Linguistics Forum
  • Linguistics 527 - Field Methods I (Karenni)
  • Spring 2017

    Linguistics 432/532 - Phonology
  • Linguistics 528 - Field Methods II (Karenni)

Some useful phonetics links

This interactive mid-sagittal section allows you to adjust the configuration for different articulations and produces the IPA symbol associated with the articulation.

There are many options for transcribing with the IPA on your computer. You could use this IPA character picker to select each symbol and then copy the output into a text editor. You could also download a free unicode font which will let you type the characters yourself on your computer. Finally, if you are a mac user, you could download this widget which expands your font options to include an IPA table.

If you want to hear a production of the different IPA symbols by clicking on them, you can check out this link here. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can even download a more comprehensive version of this with videos from iTunes here.