Martha Taylor Sarno

Honors of the Academy of Neurological Communicative Disorders and Sciences, 2009

The members of the 2009 Honors Committee, Joan Arvedson, Gail Ramsberger, Kristie Spencer, and Jack Thomas join me in recognizing an individual whose enormous impact on the field of aphasiology has been recognized world-wide, both within and outside the profession. She is a meticulous researcher, an outstanding clinician, a respected teacher and an advocate for people with aphasia and their families. In fact, she was a pioneer in advocating for individuals with aphasia and their families and developed valuable resources to educate communities about aphasia. Our honoree’s tireless devotion to helping individuals with aphasia gains a rightful voice in the area of disability and her commitment to improving the daily lives of persons with aphasia and their families is without equal.

Our honor’s recipient is a consummate professional and has given a life-time of extraordinary, continuous and dedicated leadership to our field. She has been a role model for many of us and has set a standard to which many of us aspire, but few achieve. We are so proud and pleased to present the 2009 Honors of the Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences to our esteemed colleague, Martha Taylor Sarno.