Edward Conradi


Edward Conradi (Ph.D. Clark University) was a student of G. Stanley Hall, the famous psychologist who was the first (or second) in America to establish a psychological research laboratory. Conradi's dissertation, done at Clark University, was a review of German speech development literature, mostly, on theories, causes and remedies, agreements and disagreements among experts.German heritage?

Conradi served as President of Florida State College for Women from 1909 to 1941. The school later became Florida State University. His contributions to the college resulted not only in his name being given to an FSU biology building but also to the College of Arts and Sciences' first Endowed Chair in the Psychology Department in 1991.Bibliography of Edward Conradi, arranged chronologically

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Conradi, E. (1912). Speech defects and intellectual progress. Journal of Educational Psychology. 3, 35-38. (Report on statistics gathered by Conradi re number of children with defective speech.)Edward Conradi Papers are archived at Florida State University