Comparative Psychology of Mental Development

Heinz Werner

G. Stanley Hall, Professor of Genetic Psychology

Clark University

New York: International Universities Press, Inc.

Foreword by Gordon W. Allport

Book 1. Introduction

I. The fields, the problems and the methodsof developmental psychology.

Book 2. Primitive mental activities

Part one: Sensori-motor, perceptual and affective organization

II. The syncretic character of primitive organization

III. Diffuse forms of sensorimotor and perceptual organization

Part two: Primitive imagery

IV. Syncretic and diffuse organization in imagery

Part three: Primitive notions of space and time

V. Primitive notions of space

VI. Primitive notions of time

Part four: Primitive action

VII. The nature of syncretic action: Action as bound to the concrete situation

VIII. The diffuse character of primitive action

Part five: Primitive thought processes

IX. Conception

X. The primary structure of thought

XI. The fundamental ideas of magic as an expression of primitive conceptualization

Book 3. The world and personality

XII. Primitive worlds and spheres of reality

XIII. Primitive personality