Psychopathology and Education of the Brain Injured Child


Alfred A. Strauss

Psycho-educational Consultant, Evanston, Illinois; President, Cove Schools for Brain-injured Children, Racine Wisconsin


Laura E. Lehtinen

Psycho-Educational Consultant, Evanston, Illinois; Educational Director, Cove Schools for Brain-injured Children, Racine Wisconsin

New York: Grune and Stratton, 1947



Part 1: Psychopathology

  1. Historical review of problems pertaining to the concept of brain-injured children and their education
  2. Remarks on the anatomy of the brain and its function
  3. Perception and perceptual disturbances of brain-injured children
  4. Thinking disorders in brain-injured children
  5. Behavior disorders in brain-injured children
  6. Testing the brain-injured child
  7. Clinic and diagnosis of brain injury in children
  8. The concept of the exogenous child versus the endogenous child

Part 2: Education

  1. General principles in the eucation of the brain-injured child
  2. Teaching arithmetic fundamentals to brain-injured children
  3. Teaching reading to brain-injured children
  4. Teaching writing to brain-injured children

Appendix: A brain-injured deaf child