Moto-Kinesthetic Speech Training

Edna Hill Young

Star Stinchfield Hawk

Stanford, California: Stanford University Press. 1955

Moto-kinaesthetic speech training is based on the book "Children with delayed or defective speech: Motor-kinaesthetic factors in their training, by Sara M. Stinchfield and Edna Hill Young, first published by Stanford University Press in 1938.

Foreword by Elwood Murray, Chair of the School of Speech, University of Denver

Part One, Edna Hill Young


Chapter 1. The air current as the basis of speech

Chapter 2. Introduction to the moto-kinesthetic method

Chapter 3. The voiceless consonants

Chapter 4. The vowels

Chapter 5. The voiced consonants

Chapter 6. Sound substitution

Chapter 7. Delayed speech and speechlessness

Chapter 8. Cleft palate speech

Chapter 9. Speech of the hard of hearing and the deaf

Chapter 10. The blind and the deaf-blind

Chapter 11. The cerebral palsied

Chapter 12. The aphasic

Chapter 13. The adaptation of the moto-kinesthetic method to the development of infant speech

Chapter 14. Stuttering

Part Two, Sara Stinchfield Hawk

Chapter 15. Delayed speech development

Chapter 16. Analysis of physical examinations, speech tests, and mental tests

Chapter 17. Measurements: Speech tests

Chapter 18. The blind child and his speech

Chapter 19. Speech and intelligence of the mentally deficient child