Sara Mae Stinchfield Hawk


Dr. Sara Mae Stinchfield Hawk received the first Ph.D. in America in the field of Speech-Pathology. She obtained national recognition for her organization work in ASHA, for her several books on diagnostic categorization of Speech Disorders, and for her books with Edna Hill Young on the moto-kinesthetic approach to speech therapy with children.

Sara Stinchfield was born in Auburn, Maine in 1885. She was awarded a diploma in 1909 from the Curry School of Expression in Boston. In 1914, she received her bachelors from the University of Pittsburgh, in 1920 she was awarded a Masters by the University of Iowa, and in 1922 she was awarded her Ph.D. in the field Speech Pathology from the newly formed doctoral program at the University of Wisconsin. Smiley Blanton, a psychiatrist who started the program there, was Dr. Hawk's thesis advisor. Dr. Hawk also attended the University of Vienna and the University of London. Her dissertation was on "The formulation and standardization of a series of graded speech tests."

Dr. Hawk was one of the 25 people who founded the American Speech and Hearing Association in 1925. She later served as ASHA Secretary (1925-1930), chair of the membership committee (1932+), member of the nomenclature committee (1939-1940) and ASHA president (1939-40). She became an ASHA fellow in 1925, an honorary life member in 1950, and received the the association's highest honors in 1953.

From 1922 to 1932, Dr. Hawk was an associate professor in the Department of Psychology of Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts. She moved to Los Angeles in 1932 and became a lecturer at the University of Southern California until 1944. During this time she also served as the Director of the Speech Clinic at the Orthopedic Hospital of Los Angeles.

Obituary in Asha, 1978, 20, p. 23 (with photo)



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There may be a motion picture done by Stinchfield Hawk on the origins of speech disorders and difficulties in childhood. Does anyone know of this? It is listed under her biography in American Women: The standard biographical dictionary of memorable women, Vol III, 1939-1940, p.391.)