Speech Disorders


Sara Stinchfield Hawk

London, UK: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Company, 1933

Part 1: The Nature of Speech Disorders

Chap 1. Speech of Infancy and Early Childhood

Chap 2. The speech of childhood: Speech defects classified

Chap 3. Common speech difficulties of childhood: Dyslexia and dyslalia

Chap 4. Common speech difficulties of childhood (cont): Dyslalia and dysphemia

Chap 5. Pathological conditions affecting the speech function: Dysarthria cerebropathica, dysarthria neuromusculopathica, miscellaneous

Chap 6. Dysphemia--stuttering. Dysphonia, or voice defects

Chap 7. Dyslogia and dysphasia

Part 2 Statistical studies of the speech of 3000 college women and of public school groups

Chap 8. Analysis of speech data sheet for 412 college and public school students

Chap 9. Personality

Chap 10. Handedness

Chap 11. Oral and silent reading

Chap 12. Results of speech tests (A) norms for 3581 students tested, 1920-31. (B) Classification of speech liitations

Chap 13. Typical case history studies

Supplement: Speech diagnostic tests.