Ollie Lucy Backus


BA, Michigan, 1929

MA, Michigan, 1930

PH.D. Wisconsin, 1933

Ollie Backus came to speech-pathology by way of public speaking. Her graduate studies had an emphasis on anatomy, physiology, and neurology. She worked in the public schools and as a clinic supervisor and had a particular interest in the education of teachers. (Journal of Speech Disorders, 5 1940, 349-356). She was chair of the Department of Speech at State Teachers College in Slippery Rock Pennslyvania. Jane Beasley was her student there. Beasley's Master's thesis included therapy plans that became part of classic Backus and Beasley book on group therapies with children (1951).

"Backus was a visionary in more than one area of communication impairment…She advocated that the treatment for aphasia constitute an intensive program that required attendance from 5 to 7 hours a day. She and her colleague Vivian Mowat Sheehan studied aphasia therapy that included both individual and group instruction with such activities as group singing, creative dramatics, club meetings and social activities" (From Leonard L. LaPointe in Miller, Yoder, Schiefelbusch, p. 132)

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