Margaret Gray Blanton


Margaret Blanton was among the first Americans to publish work in the field of speech pathology. She wrote several books with her husband Smiley Blanton including one on speech training for children, two on stuttering, and one on child guidance. Ms. Blanton also developed an articulation test and a battery of speech and literacy tests with Sara Stinchfield Hawk. She was one of 25 charter members of the American Academy of Speech Correction, an organization that was to evolve to the current American Speech-Hearing Language Association (ASHA).

Margaret Gray was born in 1887 in Sedalla Missouri to Joseph Preston & Cora Leslie Garth Gray. Her father was a physician and dentist. Margaret married Smiley Blanton, October 18, 1910, a well known scholar in speech pathology and a psychiatrist who trained with Sigmund Freud. Her husband was best known for his publications and work with Reverend Norman Vincent Peale.

Ms Blanton's early education was by family members and tutors. She served as a lecturer at the University of Tulane in 1918, the University of Wisconsin in 1922 to 1923, the University of Iowa in 1926 and Vassar College from 1927 to 1930. She took courses with John Watson, who began the behaviorism movement in the United States. Under his guidance she did a study entitled "The behavior of the human infant during the first 30 days of life." (See publication below.) In 1922 she studied phonetics in London under Daniel Jones. She was psychoanalyzed by a Dr. Brunswick (details of this are sketchy).

Throughout her life she was a prolific writer. She published many short articles on advice to parents about their child's development for the journal The Designer, and for the The New York Herald Tribune. She also published short stories and book reviews for literary magazines. Her biography of Bernadette of Lourdes she later turned into a play. Her published novel, called The White Unicorn tells the story of a young girl living in Tennessee in the 1890s. She edited her husband's books written with Norman Vincent Peale and her husband's diary of his psychoanalysis with Sigmund Freud.

The papers of Margaret Blanton are archived in Knoxville Tenessee at the University of Tennessee James Hoskins Library. For listing of what is on file, see

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