Auditory Disorders in Children: A Manual for Differential Diagnosis

Helmer R. Myklebust Professor of Audiology, School of Speech

Professor of Orolaryngology, School of Medicine


Director, Children's Hearing and Aphasia Clinic

Northewstern University

Brune & Stratton, NY, 1954

Part 1: Introduction

I. The problem

II. Auditory disorders and language development

III. Professional specialization and auditory disorders in young children

Part 2: The history

IV. Differential history taking

V. History interpretation

Part 3: Behavioral symptomatology

VI. Auditory disorders due to peripheral deafness

VII. Auditory disorders due to aphasia

VIII. Auditory disorders due to psychic deafness

IX. Auditory disorders due to mental deficiency

Part 4: The examination methods and procedures

X. The use of tests

XI. The examination of auditory capacity

XII. The psychological examination

Part 5: Illustrative cases and recommendations

XIII. Case studies

XIV. Summary and recommendations for traiing

Index of authors

Index of subjects