RecodeTryps is an online tool that can be used to recode Trypanosoma brucei protein coding sequence for optimal codon usage [1] or to generate RNA interference resistant sequence. The RNAi resistant sequence will not match the input sequence in more than nine nucleotides in a row while retaining the coding potential.

How to use RecodeTryps

Make sure the sequence you want to transform only contains in-frame full length codons. Any sequence not dividable by three will be rejected. Paste the nucleotide sequence into the text field. Any characters other than A T G or C will be automatically omitted. Choose whether you want to recode the sequence for optimal codon usage [Optimize] or to create an RNAi resistant fragment [Recode].



  1. ^ Horn D. 2008. Codon usage suggests that translational selection has a major impact on protein expression in trypanosomatids. BMC Genomics 9:2.