Lab Pictures


Brianna posted award 2018

Brianna wins First Place Poster Award at UB Genetics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics Research Day 2018!

Kyle poster 2017

Kyle wins Outstanding Undergraduate Poster at Biochemistry Dept. Research Day 2017

Lucie poster 2017

Lucie wins 2nd place Outstanding Poster Award at the 2017 Buffalo Microbial Pathogenesis Meeting

Natalie 2015 Microbiology & Immunology Dept. Milgrom Outstanding Postdoc Award

Natalie wins 2015 Microbiology & Immunology Dept. Milgrom Outstanding Postdoc Award

Rachel GGB 2016

Rachel wins Second Place Outstanding Talk Award at UB Genetics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics Day 2016

Rachel RRM 2015

Rachel wins Outstanding Poster Award at Rustbelt RNA meeting

Gregg Training Grant

Gregg is appointed to the NIH Training Grant in Microbial Pathogenesis

Kaylen Award

Natalie and Kaylen win 2nd and 3rd place poster awards at UB Postdoc Research Day 2014

Michelle's 2012 Woods Hole poster

Lucie wins an Outstanding Poster Award at the 2014 FASEB Biological Methylation Meeting, Nassau, Bahamas

Kaylen Award

Kaylen wins an Outstanding Poster Award at the 2014 Rustbelt RNA Meeting

Michelle's 2012 Woods Hole poster

Michelle Ammerman receives an award for Outstanding Poster Presentation at the 2012 Woods Hole Molecular Parasitology Meeting.

Kaylen Milgrom Award

Kaylen Lott wins the 2012 Milgrom Award for outstanding Postdoc in Microbiology and Immunology.

Michelle's UB Postdoc Award

Michelle wins first place poster prize at 2012 UB Postdoc Research Day.

Another Award for Sara

Milgrom Award: Sara Zimmer received the 2011 Milgrom Award for outstanding postdoc in Microbiologgy and Immunology.

Sara's 2nd Award

UB Postdoc Research Day 2011: Sara Zimmer received the 2nd place award for Outstanding Poster (again!) at the 2011 UB Postdoctoral Research Symposium.

Bardees Award

Bardees Foda won 1st place in The Neter Award conpetition at the 23rd Annual Conference on Microbial Pathogenesis 2011.

Michelle Award

Michelle Ammerman received The 2010 Milgrom Award for outstanding postdoc in Microbiology and Immunology.

John Award

John Fisk receives an award for Outstanding Oral Presentation at the 2010 Woods Hole Molecular Parasitology meeting.

Laurie's Award

UB Postdoc Research Day 2010: Laurie was given the Distinguished Postdoc Mentor Award 2010 and Sara Zimmer won second place poster prize.



FASEB Bahamas Lucie

FASEB 2015: Lucie at her award-winning poster

FASEB Bahamas Outside

FASEB 2015: Who took this picture?? We are all inside listening to science!

FASEB Bahamas Lunch

FASEB 2015: Lunch with Xiadong Cheng, Kaylen, and Kevin

FASEB Bahamas Dinner

FASEB Biological Methylation Meeting - July 2015 - Bahamas! Dinner out with Lucie, Kevin, Laurie, Kaylen, and Neah



Kaylen and Laurie

Kaylen and Laurie at the FASEB Methylation Meeting

Kevin and John

Kevin and John at the FASEB Biological Methylation Meeting, Snowmass, CO; August 2012

Michelle and Poster

Michelle got her poster's title up, now for the rest

Kaylen and Poster

Kaylen is showing off her UB Postdoc Research Day poster

John and Poster

John stands proudly next to his poster at the UB Postdoc Research Day

The Lighthouse

Laurie, Joseph, Bardees, and Kaylen pose at their pinnacle of achievement - a tough uphill hike


Laurie, Joseph, Bardees, and Kaylen get some exercise

Lab on a boat

Joseph, Bardees, and Kaylen enjoy a boat ride

John's Poster

Here's John showing off his poster at a conference


Woods Hole Molecular Parasitology Meeting 2007: John and Sarita get down

RNA Berlin Meeting

RNA Meeting in Berlin 2008


Trypanosome Mitochondria Meeting 2009: Sara at Czech Palace.


Trypanosome Mitochondria Meeting 2009: Michelle looking cool in the sun while in the Czech Republic

Sara and Michelle

Trypanosome Mitochondria Meeting 2009: Sara and Michelle checking out the view while in the Czech Republic

Laurie and Hassan

Laurie and Hassan at RNA Meeting in Seatlle 2010


Random Pictures

Kyle Brianna Lunch

Congrats to Kyle on his Masters degree and to Brianna on her NAR 2019 paper! Waves all you can eat sushi and Asian food!

Lucie Graduation

Congratulations Lucie! Graduated August 2018

Lucie Laurie Graduation

Laurie and Lucie celebrate her PhD!

Julis Lukeš, Niagara Falls

At Niagara Falls with special lab friend, Julius Lukeš

Dinner with Julius

Lab dinner with Julius

Rachel Simpson, Ph.D.

Rachel gets her Ph.D.!! Congratulations Dr. Simpson!

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

Natalie's bench.jpg

A typical day at Natalie’s bench… a few gels!

Good data Gregg

Gregg looks happy... Good data?!

Natalie and Shreya

Friends in the lab ... Shreya and Natalie

Rachel's departmental seminar

Announcing Rachel's departmental seminar - April 2015

Halloween or Racher

Halloween or Rachel on one of those days?

Steve Clarke Niagara Falls

With Steve Clarke and Mike Yu at Niagara Falls after Steve's seminar

Kaylen, happy orange

Kaylen looks very happy to be using TriTrypDB


Awesome undergrad Kelsey!

John's Bday Party

John was pleasently surprised for his birthday by his family and the lab.

Czech Collaborators

Visiting with our collaborators, the Lukes and Zikovo Labs, in the Czech Republic.

It's alive

That microscope looks like it's about to eat her eyes.

They're multipling

Julee has managed the impossible, clone herself with a tissue hood.

What is he doing?

I fell like I've seen this in a horror movie or a safety video, you know, where someone loses a hand.

From the Eastern Europe

At the culmination of a month-long, productive visit from PhD Student Karolina Subrtova.

Chris Ryan's Graduation Party

Group Picture at Chris Ryan's Defense Party

Chia Ying Kao's Graduation Party

Chia Ying at her Thesis Defense Party

I'm a Doctor

Should you really trust a doctor?

Science Talk

Let's talk more science

The Lab

Everybody is hard at work, or sort of

Michelle and Tom

Michelle with our friend of the lab Tom

John and Michelle

John and Michelle in an animated discussion

Cosimo and Joseph

Cosimo and Joseph working on the computer, or devising world domination

John Working

There's John, working hard as always

Laurie Kisses Obama

Thank you for the stimulus money Barack


Our mastery of having as many blots and gels on one shaker as possible

Curious George in Science

Guess which former lab member sports this tattoo


Lose something? It'll show up eventually


Ah Tony, we can't all have good hair every day

they'ee hugging

We're a very loving lab

michelle running a gel

Michelle is testing our new gel apparatus- hope she doesn't start a fire


Lab Games

Laurie and Cranium

The game of Cranium requires the best charades

Tony and Cranium

Tony going at Cranium charades, or he could be a Mime

Sarah and Cranium

Oh no, some else is trapped in an invisible box


Holiday Party 2009

Eating, Drinking, Gaming

Everybody is getting ready for the yearly ritual of Cranium

John and Sharon

Someone getting a secret or a kiss


Bardees is chillin before the party starts

Sara Laughing

Someone call the police, Sara's having too much fun

Tony with Mr. Bomp

The perfect gift for the future medical student

The Key Ring

It's a key ring that makes noises

Cosimo and Danelle

Watch out Cosimo, don't chock on your food

Sara with Coffee

Sara has to get her coffee fix

Lab around the games

Christmas Party 2008 with Cranium ready to go

John at party

John sitting around waiting for the fun to begin


Holiday Party 2011


Lab Holiday party is a yearly highlight.

Happy Bardeees

Bardees enjoys a joke.

The Bosses

Theresa (Grants Coordinator) and Sharon (Lab Technician) are usually behind the scenes, here they get a chance to shine.

Kurtis Smiling?

Kurtis relaxes for a change.




Lab Lunches

Gress's going away lunch

Gregg’s going away lunch at Jasmine Thai – we’ll miss you, Gregg!

Kyle graduation an poster celebration

Kyle graduation and undergraduate poster award celebration at Deep South Taco

Lab Lunch Sushi 1

Sushi Lunch!!

Lab Lunch Sushi 2

Lab Lunch Sushi 3

Lab Lunch Ammerman

Lunch at Sun Burmese Restaurant to celebrate Ammerman, et al. 2013 (where's Michelle?)

Lab Lunch for Joseph

Here we are eating lunch at Taste of India