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Problem Statement

Our project entails the building of a high powered rocket as a means of a reusable test platform for the development of experimental motors. These experimental motors will be researched, mixed, and tested as the means of thrust for the rocket. The project team will work through the development of a stable, safe rocket with sensors to allow for data collection during test flights of the experimental motors. Stability calculations for the rocket including the location of the center of gravity, and center of pressure will be done. The total energy available in the propellant will be calculated as well as the theoretical thrust value available from the propellant. The rocket and experimental motors will be validated by one or more test flights to take place later in the semester. The rocket must be safely retrieved after the flight and be able to be relaunched with a new motor. The data collected from the flights will then be processed to generate thrust curves of the experimental motors. The rocket can also be used to generate thrust curves of the off the shelf motors as another means of validation.

The project team is designing a rocket and experimental propellant mixture for Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS). The rocket is a level 2 rocket and needs to be reusable as a means to try out various propellant mixtures in the future. The goal of these tests is for the design of safe, reliable custom motors for future rocketry competitions for SEDS. This will give more control over the performance of the rocket.

Assignment Discription Due Date
Group Orginization Assign roles within project team Feb 3, 2017
Gantt Chart Orginization of project task schedule Feb 6, 2017
Prototype Concept Initial conceptual drawing for design project Feb 10, 2017
Project Specification Define project scope and parameters Feb 13, 2017
Prototype Drawings Part models in CAD March 1, 2017
Materials and Components List Bill of materials March 8, 2017
Project Website Project status displayed online March 13, 2017
Design Review Report on engineering analysis and preliminary test results March 16, 2017
Design Review Presentation Presentation on engineering analysis and preliminary test results March 29, 2017
Economic and Environmental Analysis Analysis of economic and environmental considerations for continuing the project commercially April 3, 2017
Prototype Review Display of prototype in tutorial April 10, 2017
Project Website Project status displayed online April 17, 2017
Project Poster Due Poster for Senior Design Expo completed May 1, 2017
Prototype Display Display final prototype in lecture May 5, 2017
Project Website Project status displayed online May 8, 2017
Final Project Report Report on the entire project and final results of prototype testing May 12, 2017