• "Final Prototype"
  • "Our Project"

Our Team

  • Project Coordinator: Jonathan Pryzbyla (center)
  • Prototype Manager: Benjamin Chittley (2nd to right)
  • Technical Manager: William Abt (far right)
  • Editor: Kyle Carpenter (far left)
  • Webmaster: Mae Sementilli (2nd to left)

Project Coordinator

In the past few weeks, I have been working diligently with other members of the project team to make sure the rocket was completed for the launch on April 29th. This included mixing and then test firing the final propellant mixture for the launch. I also schedule the test firings and contact campus police and environmental health and safety to let the proper authorities know of the test firing. I also attend weekly meeting with other members of the project team with Dr. DesJardin, our project sponsor to keep him updated on the rocket progress and for guidance on any issue we have with the rocket. I also update the Gantt chart on a regular basis to make sure the team is on track and try to remedy any issues with delays in the project.

On the day of the launch, I helped to finish the final construction and testing of the prototype to make sure the rocket was ready to be launched. I helped to program the flight computer and helped with the loading of the separation charges for the rocket.

More recently, I have been working on completing the project poster, a deliverable in the class along with the final project report.

Technical Manager

Recently I have been active in the manufacturing process of the rocket. I put together the electronics bay of the rocket, epoxied the fin can into the rocket body, and did some of the fin fillets. I also helped mix propellant along with the rest of the team.

Prototype Manager

Over the life of the project my main role has been to manage the design and production of the test rocket as well as the test stand being used for the static tests of the rocket. Over the past view weeks specifically this has involved the final production of the test stand, and its initial use during static tests. For the assembly of the rocket I have been working with the rest of the team to complete the fin can, cut the fin slots in the body tube, and mount the fin can in the body tube. This process has been completed, and the majority of the rocket’s structure has is ready for its launch on April 29th. The portions remaining to be completed on the rocket are the final mounting and wiring for components in the electronics bay, and painting the body of the rocket. I plan to paint the rocket the week before the launch. In addition to these responsibilities I have also been attending the weekly propellant mixings, assisting in generating the propellant component percentages, attending the static test fires, and weekly meetings with Dr. DesJardin to update him on our progress.


The past few weeks saw the fruition of the team's hard work as we all participated in the April 29th Upstate Research Rocketry Group's launch in Penn Yan, NY. I have assisted with the finalization of the rocket assembly when possible. In addition, I have prepared and submitted budget request forms to seek reimbursement for project prototype expenses. In the coming weeks I will prepare the final report concerning the project and partake in various professional presentations.


Recently, I have been working on making the proper updates and formatting changes to the project website. I contributed to the information included in the project poster, the methodology and analysis in particular. I worked on analyzing the data from the flight computer in MATLAB. I also helped prepare the rocket for launch for the final test of the rocket prototype.