Poster Preparation *Faculty are served before Residents and DDS students.

Submission Guidelines and checklist for Research Day 2009

Deadline for printing posters: Friday February 27, 2009.

Instructions for Creating a Large-Format Research Poster


    1) File Preparation
    2) Assembling the Poster
    3) Prepare for Printing


  1. Create your poster text in a word editing program such as Microsoft Word. Keep text to a minimum, use short phrases and avoid long sentences.
  2. Prepare your photos in Adobe Photoshop with a 300dpi resolution. Always use .JPEG files! Never use files from the Internet; they will not print well.
  3. If you want to use charts, graphs, ect. from other applications, be careful. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint graphics usually paste cleanly, but others may be less predictable. Proof carefully.
  4. Save all of your external photos, graphics, charts, ect. into the same folder where you are saving your poster. This way, if you run into a problem while printing, you have the original file.
  1. Go to the page UB SDM Poster template to download a 36x21 poster template.
  2. Use "Edit>Copy/paste" for text from Word and place it into the columns provided. Resize as needed, but keep the font sizes as large as possible (minimum size 18 points). Use only Arial, Verdana or Times fonts.
  3. Use "Edit>Copy/paste" charts or tables from Word, PowerPoint or Excel. Use "File>Insert" for photos and graphics. Resize and move into place as needed.
  1. In order to print your poster you must obtain approval by your mentor. The Media Center will proceed with the poster request upon receiving the completed form signed by your mentor. Download form
  2. Double check your spelling and spacing before printing. Paper is costly and students may be charged for additional prints due to design errors.
  3. When you come to the Media Center, bring along a 8.5x14" proof of your poster so that we can be sure to print it correctly.
  4. If designing on a Mac. Please test your poster on a PC to be sure everything looks correct,(we print from a PC).
  5. You may submit your poster by email ( or via CD/DVD or jump drive (room 260J Squire Hall). Remember we will be looking for the signed form.
  6. Please allow at least 2 business days (Monday-Friday) for your poster printing turn-around unless prior arrangements have been made with the Digital Media Staff.


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