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3rd Buffalo Day for

5G and Wireless Internet of Things

November 19, 2021//Virtual Workshop       Register Here (Free)         Join the Event


The 3rd Buffalo Day for 5G and Wireless Internet of Things aims at providing a unique forum to exchange innovative research ideas, recent results, and share experiences among researchers and practitioners in 5G and Beyond, the Wireless Internet of Things, and mobile systems. The event will consist of keynote speech, invited talks, and posters/demos from both academia and industry. The 5th UB SEAS IoT Graduate Program Project Exhibit will also be held in conjunction with the event.

Organizing Committee

Program (EST)

Featured Speakers and Panelists (to be updated)

Speaker: Kemper E. Lewis [Website]
Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Moog Professor of Innovation, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Director of the Sustainable Manufacturing and Advanced Technologies (SMART) CoE
University at Buffalo
Topic: Opening Remarks

Speaker: Tommaso Melodia [Website]
William Lincoln Smith Professor
Director, Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things
Director of Research, PAWR Project Office
Northeastern University
Topic: Keynote Speech: AI-based Control and Orchestration in the Open RAN: Architectures, Algorithms, Testbeds
Panel: Testbeds Sharing and Federation for Wireless Research: Challenges and the Road Ahead

Speaker: Alex Sprintson [Website]
Professor, Texas A&M University, USA
Program Director, CISE/CNS/NeTS/SaTC, NSF
Topic: Keynote Speech: An Overview of the Advanced Wireless Research at NSF

Speaker: Serge Fdida [Website]
Professor at Sorbonne Université, France
President of the OneLab Consortium
Coordinator of the EU ESFRI SLICES Project
Topic: Panel: Testbeds Sharing and Federation for Wireless Research: Challenges and the Road Ahead

Speaker: Mohammad Patwary [Website]
Professor of Telecommunications
Director of Centre for Future Networks & Autonomous Systems (CeFNAS)
University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
Co-Chair of IEEE Future Networks Testbed Working Group
Topic: Is Wide-scale 5G Deployment Set to Reform Telco Business Oligopoly?
Panel: Testbeds Sharing and Federation for Wireless Research: Challenges and the Road Ahead

Speaker: Ivan Seskar [Website]
Chief Technologist & Director, IT, WINLAB, Rutgers University
Co-Chair of IEEE Future Networks Testbed Working Group
Topic: The Role of Public Testbeds in Functional, Performance and Interoperability Testing of Telecommunication Networks in the Open Source Era
Panel: Testbeds Sharing and Federation for Wireless Research: Challenges and the Road Ahead

Speaker: Kuang-Ching Wang [Website]
Professor, Clemson University
Associate Director, Watt Family Innovation Center
Co-PI of the NSF FABRIC Project
Topic: Panel: Testbeds Sharing and Federation for Wireless Research: Challenges and the Road Ahead

Speaker: Hongwei Zhang [Website]
Professor, Iowa State University
Topic: From URLLC to Predictable URLLC
Panel: Testbeds Sharing and Federation for Wireless Research: Challenges and the Road Ahead

Speaker: Eirini Eleni Tsiropoulou [Website]
Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico
Topic: Proficient Resource Orchestration for Next Generation Integrated Communications and Computing Systems

Speaker: Jia (Kevin) Liu [Website]
Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University
Topic: Computing-Networking Algorithm Co-Design for Decentralized Learning over Wireless Computing Networks

Speaker: Xinyu Zhang [Website]
Associate Professor, University of California San Diego
Topic: Seamless Millimeter Wave Networking for 5G and Beyond

Speaker: Sastry Kompella [Website]
Principal Scientist and Section Head
US Naval Research Laboratory
Topic: Candidate Technologies for Wireless Internet of Things

Speaker: George Sklivanitis [Website]
Research Assistant Professor, Florida Atlantic University
Topic: Agile Waveform Design for Always-On Wireless Connectivity in Challenging Environments

Speaker: Alex Byrley [Website]
Signal Processing Scientist, Mastodon Design LLC
Topic: Logarithmic Frequency Chirps

Speaker: Fatemeh Afghah [Website]
Associate Professor, Clemson University
Topic: UAV Communications: Challenges and Opportunities

Speaker: Jacob Chakareski [Website]
Panasonic Professor of Computing
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Topic: WiFi-VLC Dual Connectivity Streaming System for 6DOF Multi-User Virtual Reality

Speaker: Mingyue Ji [Website]
Assistant Professor, The University of Utah
Topic: A Non-cooperative Distributed Beam Scheduling Framework for mmWave Cellular Networks

Speaker: Yuheng Bu [Website]
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Topic: Characterizing the Generalization Error of Gibbs Algorithm with Symmetrized KL information

Speaker: Elizabeth Serena Bentley
Senior Electronics Engineer
U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory
Program Manager, Autonomous Swarm Networking
Topic: Autonomous Swarm Networking

Speaker: Dan Harrison [Website]
Chief Technical Officer, ARMOR-IIMAK
Topic: Conductive Thermal Transfer Printing: A New Path to RFID Antenna Fabrication Direct to Packaging Materials

Speaker: Alan Rae [Website]
Director at University at Buffalo's NYS Center of Excellence in Materials Informatics
Topic: “Wireless Everything” - Building Industry Partnerships

Speaker: Neha Sangwan [Website]
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India
Topic: Byzantine Multiple Access Channels

Speaker: Yihan Zhang [Website]
Postdoc at IST Austria
Topic: Coding Against Adversaries

Poster/Demo/5th UB SEAS IoT Exhibit

[Poster 01] "IoT Malware Detection"
Hongda Li (Clemson University), Qiqing Huang (University at Buffalo), Fei Ding (Clemson University), Hongxin Hu (University at Buffalo), Long Cheng (Clemson University), Guofei Gu (Texas A&M University), Ziming Zhao (University at Buffalo) [Poster] [Demo 1] [Demo 2]

[Poster 02] "Nano-photonic Biomolecular Sensors with Passive Molecule Trapping Functionality"
Xianglong Miao, Lingyue Yan, Yun Wu, Peter Q. Liu (University at Buffalo) [Poster]

[Poster 03] "SwarmShare: Mobility-Resilient Spectrum Sharing for Swarm UAV Networking in the 6 GHz Band"
Jiangqi Hu, Sabarish Krishna Moorthy, Ankush Harindranath, Zhangyu Guan, Nicholas Mastronarde (University at Buffalo), Elizabeth Serena Bentley (AFRL), and Scott Pudlewski (Georgia Tech Research Institute) [Poster]

[Poster 04] "Experimental Analysis of Cross-Layer Sensing for Protocol-Agnostic Packet Boundary Recognition"
Maxwell McManus, Zhangyu Guan (University at Buffalo) [Poster]

[Poster 05] "Exploring Tradeoffs between Energy Consumption and Network Performance in Cellular-IoT: A Survey"
Nicholas Accurso, Nicholas Mastronarde, Filippo Malandra (University at Buffalo) [Poster]

[Poster 06] "CloudRAFT: A Cloud-based Framework for Remote Experimentation for Mobile Networks"
Sabarish Krishna Moorthy, Chencheng Lu, Zhangyu Guan, Nicholas Mastronarde (University at Buffalo), George Sklivanitis, Dimitris Pados ( Florida Atlantic University), Elizabeth Serena Bentley, Michael Medley (AFRL) [Poster]

[Poster 07] "Towards Sustainable AI for Wireless Spectrum Sensing"
Dariush Hassan, George Sklivanitis, Dimitris A. Pados (Florida Atlantic University) [Poster]

[Poster 08] "Collaborative Multi-Robot Navigation for Exploration of Unknown Environments with Communication Restrictions"
German Felipe Sanchez Solano, George Sklivanitis, Xiangnan Zhong, Dimitris A. Pados (Florida Atlantic University) [Poster]

[Poster 09] "Ultrabroadband Spread Spectrum Techniques for Secure Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Above 100 GHz"
Christopher Bosso, Priyangshu Sen, Xavier Cantos-Roman, Claire Parisi, Josep M. Jornet (Northeastern University) [Poster]

[Poster 10] "Deep Reinforcement Learning for Latency-Sensitive Multimedia Applications Over 5G Networks"
Anjali Omer, Filippo Malandra, Nicholas Mastronarde (University at Buffalo), Jacob Chakareski (New Jersey Institute of Technology) [Poster]

[Poster 11] "Studying the Effects of LTE Interference on CQI"
Michael Tilkins, Filippo Malandra, Nicholas Mastronarde (University at Buffalo) [Poster]

[Poster 12] "5G Web-Based Framework"
Nicholas Accurso, Nicholas Stokes, Tosin Adebayo, Filippo Malandra (University at Buffalo) [Poster]

[EE701 IoT Exhibit 01] "An IOT-Based Automation and Security System for a Residential Household"
Rishabh Wangu, Richard Tarbell (University at Buffalo) [Poster]

[EE701 IoT Exhibit 02] "Air IoT, Automatic UAV"
Yuqing Cui, Zhiyuan Zhao, Hao Li (University at Buffalo) [Poster]

[EE701 IoT Exhibit 03] "M3 @ UnionLabs"
Ishita Dhopeshwar, David Satterlee, Mahima Sehgal, Tom Steven (University at Buffalo) [Poster]

[EE701 IoT Exhibit 04] "An Elderly Care System"
Cheng Qian, Xinyi Qiu, Zhenghao Wang (University at Buffalo) [Poster]

[EE701 IoT Exhibit 05] "Health Vita: The Ultimate Healthcare Monitoring Ecosystem"
Ritwika Dey, Ashish Nair (University at Buffalo) [Poster]

[EE701 IoT Exhibit 06] "Map My Air"
Erik Vickerd, Ryan Osswald (University at Buffalo) [Poster]

[EE701 IoT Exhibit 07] "Smart Building Monitoring"
Jerin Abraham, Muhammad A. Saeed (University at Buffalo) [Poster]