Michael Langberg


My research addresses the algorithmic and combinatorial aspects of information in communication, management, and storage. I have special interest in information theory, coding theory, network communication and network coding, big data in the form of succinct data representation via geometric clustering, and probabilistic methods in combinatorics.





Recent events:

·     International Workshop on Network Coding (TPC), NetCod 2016.

·     IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (TPC): ISIT 2016.

·     DIMACS Workshop on Network Coding: the Next 15 Years (organizing committee): DIMACS, 2015.

·     BIRS Workshop 15w5130: Between Shannon and Hamming: Network Information Theory and Combinatorics (organizing committee). Banff, Canada, 2015.

·     International Workshop on Network Coding (TPC co-chair), NetCod 2015.



Michael Langberg

State University of New York at Buffalo.

Electrical Engineering Department.

230 Davis Hall.

Buffalo, NY 14260-2500

Dept. phone : (716) 645-3115

Office phone : (716) 645-1047

e-mail : mikel at buffalo dot edu


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