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Below is an example of a MARC Format map record taken from an OCLC screen print. This record contains the most common fields and subfields. For each field indicator (shown in red) links to a brief description and explanation of how the field was formulated.

OCLC: 34048758 Rec stat: c
Entered: 19960118 Replaced: 19990519 Used: 19960118
Type: e ELvl: I Srce: d Relf: ag Ctrl: Lang: eng
BLvl: m Form: GPub: f SpFm: MRec: Ctry: dcu
CrTp: a Indx: 1 Proj: cp DtSt: s Dates: 1967,
Desc: a

040 BUF c BUF d OCL
007 a b j d a e a f n g z h n
034 1 a b 24000 d W0785230 e W0784500 f N0430000 g N0425230
052 3801
052 3803 b E6
052 3804 b A489 b B9 b C5 b T612
090 b
049 BUFF
110 2 Geological Survey (U.S.)
245 10 Buffalo NE quadrangle, New York--Erie Co. / c mapped, edited, and published by the Geological Survey in cooperation with New York State Department of Public Works.
246 1 i Filing title: a Buffalo NE, N.Y.
246 30 Series V821
250 1965 [ed.].
255 Scale 1:24,000 ; b polyconic proj. c (W 785230--W 78 45 00/N 43 00 00--N 42 52 30).
260 Washington, D.C. : b The Survey, c 1967.
300 1 map : b col. ; c 58 x 42 cm., on sheet 69 x 56 cm.
440 0 7.5 minute series (topographic). p New York (State)
500 "Contour interval 10 feet."
500 Relief shown by contours and spot heights.
500 Shows roads and trails, railroad routes, municipal boundaries, major landmarks, parks and houses.
500 Standard map series designation: Series V821.
500 Includes quadrangle location map.
500 "N4252.5--W7845/7.5."
500 "AMS 5269 IV NE--Series V821."
651 0 Amherst (N.Y.) v Maps, Topographic.
651 0 Buffalo (N.Y.) v Maps, Topographic.
651 0 Cheektowaga (N.Y.) v Maps, Topographic.
651 0 Tonawanda (N.Y. : Town) v Maps, Topographic.
651 0 Erie County (N.Y.) v Maps, Topographic.




David J. Bertuca, Map Librarian, University at Buffalo.

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