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Map Format Field Guide
Name Headings

This page outlines the 1xx and 7xx fields for the MARC map format, including brief descriptions and examples of use. Refer to the Sample Map Record to see how the completed work appears.

Refer to AACR2 for selecting Name Headings and Main Entry determination, especially "Chapter 3. Cartographic Materials." Additional rule interpretations are found in the Map Cataloging Manual.

The materials below are not comprehensive, but merely to be used in assisting the basics of map cataloging.

1XX / 7XX Name Headings

Main Entry

Punctuation is as specified in AACR2 (with some changes according to LC practice).

"Start a new paragraph for each note, end each paragraph with a period or other mark of final punctuation, and, if the mark of final punctuation is a closing bracket or parenthesis, add a period."

Note that when a note ends with a "]" or ")" the field still ends with a period. Most fields in map records end this way, as opposed to monograph, serial, and other format records.

The following are typical notes describing common aspects found on maps:

Accompanied by: Djurberg, Daniel. Forklaring til Karten over Polynesien. Stockholm : Holmberg & Wennberg, 1780. 27 p. ; 20 cm.

Original version: A map of Virginia and Maryland / F. Lamb, sculp. [London] : Sold by Thomas Basset and Richard Chiswell, [1676?]. Appears in John Speed's The theatre of the Empire of Great-Britain, 1676.

Useful References

Leslie, Deborah J. and Benjamin Griffin. Transcription of Early Letter Forms in Rare Materials Cataloging. Prepared for the DCRM Conference, 10-13 March 2003. Useful for looking at rare (or old) maps, books, other items to help with proper transcription.
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David J. Bertuca, Map Librarian, University at Buffalo.
Created by 26 October 2000

Last Modified: 25 April 2013
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