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These links are roughly ordered as described below. This is one of my "links to check" scratch pads used while developing map web pages. Use the browser "find" command to find specific links below. Not all of the below URLs will be incorporated into final pages, so you are better off Visiting the UB Map Collection website for stable map resource links.

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Places (sites of specific locations)


  • GIS Metasite Listings (U.S. Army). Links to all aspects of GIS, including vendors and providers.
  • GIS Services (Stanford Map Library).
  • Oregon DRGs by county.
  • Geospatial Explorer. In collaboration with EarthSoft, Cyze & Associates, Ltd., also announces an interface to EarthSoft's EQuIS data management system. The interface provides rapid access to EQuIS Chemistry and EquIS Geology data in 3-D while maintaining Geospatial Explorer's friendly user interface. EQuIS is the most widely used environmental data management system in the world.
  • EarthSoft.

Map Indexes


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