Chang-Xing Ma
mcxsAssociate Professor

Department of Biostatistics
University at Buffalo
Kimball rm716
Buffalo, NY 14214

PHONE: (716) 829-2758
FAX: (716) 829-2200

BA, Master, PhD, NANKAI, 1997

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Research Interests:

Statistical Genetics, Experimental Design, Uniform Design, Orthogonal Design, Public Health

Text Books

1.       R. Wu, C.X. Ma, G Casella. Statistical Genomics of Complex Traits: Linkage, Disequilibrium and QTL. Springer New York, 2007

2.       K.T. Fang and C.X. Ma, Uniform and Orthogonal Designs (in Chinese), Science Press, September 2001, Beijing.

Selected Publications

Tian, L, Ma CX, Vexler, A. (2009). A Parametric Bootstrap Test for Comparing Heteroscedastic Regression Models, Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation. Accepted.

Ma CX, Qibin Yu, Arthur Berg, Derek Drost, Evandro Novaes, Guifang Fu, John Stephen Yap, Aixin Tan, Matias Kirst, Yuehua Cui and Rongling Wu (2008) A Statistical Model for Testing the Pleiotropic Control of Phenotypic Plasticity for a Count Trait, Genetics, 179: 627-536.

Ma CX, Li Y and Wu RL (2008), Modeling the Genetic Control of HIV-1 Dynamics after Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy, Current Genomics, 9 (3): 208-211.

Samina Raja, Ma CX, & Pavan Yadav (2008). Beyond Food Deserts, Measuring and Mapping Racial Disparities in, Neighborhood Food Environments. Journal of Planning Education and Research, 27 (4): 469-482.

Lo KC, Ma CX, Bundy BN, Pomeroy SL, Eberhart CG, Cowell JK (2007). Gain of 1q is a potential univariate negative prognostic marker for survival in medulloblastoma. Clin Cancer Res. 13(23):7022-8.

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  Child Abuse and Neglect

  Analysis of Predictors of Healthy Outcomes for Medicaid Eligible Women, Their Infants and Young Children

  Experimental Design

  Statistical Genetics



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