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I love this picture of the Twinnies, with Thomas Island on the left.
The sky is threatening, but has promise, too.

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Mount Desert Narrows paddle route
I think the air temperature was 21degrees that morning, perfect for paddling, or ice fishing :). We decided to check out Mount Desert Narrows since we were told it was one of the most protected spots on the Island. After spending the previous day fighting ferocious head winds off the Atlantic, we were looking for something low-key.

The best time to paddle here is at high tide, since the mud flats around Thompson Island make it difficult to paddle at low tide. Mount Desert Narrows is the body of water that separates Mount Desert Island from the mainland. It's a great place to paddle in high winds. Mount Desert Narrows was beautiful, the water was like glass and there was little sign of the tourist industry here. We started our paddle from a beautiful rocky beach near Hadley Point. We headed in an Easternly direction, paddling around the Twinnies and Thomas Island, exploring the rocky shore of the coast. We caught glimpses of private vacation homes tucked in among the thick forest of pines. It was quiet and we thought we might catch some views of wildlife, but all we saw were cormorrants.

After paddling by the Twinnies, we decided to explore Northeast Creek. This creek is a fresh water creek, entering the salt water of the Atlantic Ocean. There were thick marsh grasses in the creek, and we hoped to find a heron here, but again, all we saw were cormorrants. The creek became very shallow and we eventually had to turn back, but I am told one can paddle this waterway farther up.

There are a pair of bald eagles nesting on Thomas Island, and some have seen them on the Twinnies, as well, but they eluded us while we were there. The two islands, named the Twinnies for their similar size and shape, provide a nesting site for bald eagles. We were told to look for a gray mass of branches - a bald eagle's nest - at the top of a large spruce. Be advised that you are asked to stay at least .25 mile away, as to not disturb them. Mount Desert Narrows is also a good place to sight harbor porpoises and seals.

Put In:
Hadley Point
Take Bar Harbor Rd (Rte 3) to Hadley Piint Rd. At the end of Hadley Point Road, there is access to the beach with plenty of room for parking
Take out:
Hadley Point

None at the launch, but lots of places on the Island in either direction of Bar Harbor Rd. There is a neat little corner store on Knox Rd, and a small brewing company, too.
Distance: varies- you can go as far as you like
Portages: None
Loop Trip: No
Camping: Yes. There are camp sites available in Acadia National Park, as well as a number of other private campsites scattered throughout the Island - reservations suggested.

Cottages at Salisbury Cove- a great place to stay when it's too chilly for camping
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