Description: C:\Yan G3\ZY-Web\zhen_yan.jpg               Zhen Yan, Ph.D.

             SUNY Distinguished Professor

Department of Physiology and Biophysics

School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

State University of New York at Buffalo


Research Interests:  

Synaptic Mechanisms of Mental Health and Disorders

Our research goal is to understand the synaptic mechanisms commonly involved in the pathophysiology of a variety of brain disorders, including autism, schizophrenia, depression, and Alzheimer's disease. Specifically, we investigate the synaptic action of various neuromodulators that are linked to mental illnesses, including disease susceptibility genes, stress hormones and monoamines (dopamine and serotonin). We try to understand how these neuromodulators regulate glutamatergic and GABAergic transmission in prefrontal cortex (PFC), which is important for cognitive and emotional control under normal conditions. We also try to understand how the aberrant action of neuromodulators under pathological conditions leads to dysregulation of synaptic transmission in PFC.


Animal models of diseases and human stem cell-derived neurons are used in our studies. The major techniques include: whole-cell patch-clamp recordings of synaptic currents, viral-based in vivo gene transfer, biochemical and immunocytochemical detection of synaptic proteins, molecular analysis of genetic and epigenetic alterations, chemogenetic manipulation of neuronal circuits, and behavioral assays. By integrating the multidisciplinary approaches, we have revealed the unique and convergent actions of neuromodulators on postsynaptic glutamate and GABAA receptors, and their contributions to the manifestation of behavioral deficits in disease states.

Contact Information:

Tel:                                (716) 829-3058 (office), (716) 829-3592 (lab)
Lab location:                  955 Main St. Rm. 3150

Office location:              955 Main St. Rm. 3156  

Mailing address:            955 Main St. Rm. 3102, Buffalo, NY 14203


Recent Selective Peer-Reviewed Publications:  



*       Zheng Y, Liu A, Wang ZJ, Cao Q, Wang W, Lin L, Ma K, Zhang F, Wei J, Matas E, Cheng J, Chen GJ, Wang X, Yan Z (2019) Inhibition of EHMT1/2 rescues synaptic and cognitive functions for Alzheimer's disease. Brain 142:787-807. [PDF file] *Reported in New York Post, England's Daily Mail, EurekAlert!(AAAS), etc.

*       Lin L, Liu A, Li HQ, Feng J, Yan Z (2019) Inhibition of histone methyltransferases EHMT1/2 reverses b amyloid-induced loss of AMPAR currents in human stem cell-derived cortical neurons. J. Alzheimer's Disease (in press).

*       Wang ZJ, Zhong P, Ma K, Seo JS, Yang F, Hu Z, Zhang F, Lin L, Wang J, Liu T, Matas E, Greengard P, Yan Z (2019) Amelioration of autism-like social deficits by targeting histone methyltransferases EHMT1/2 in Shank3-deficient mice. Mol. Psychiatry (in press). [PDF file]

*       Jin J, Bhatti DL, Lee KW, Medrihan L, Cheng J, Wei J, Zhong P, Yan Z, Kooiker C, Song C, Ahn JH, Obermair GJ, Lee A, Gresack J, Greengard P, Kim Y (2019) Ahnak scaffolds p11/Anxa2 complex and L-type voltage-gated calcium channel and modulates depressive behavior. Mol. Psychiatry (in press). [PDF file]

*       Qin L, Ma K, Yan Z (2019) Chemogenetic activation of prefrontal cortex in Shank3-deficient mice ameliorates social deficits, NMDAR hypofunction and Sgk2 downregulation. iScience 17:24-35. [PDF file]

*       Zhu BL, Long Y, Luo W, Yan Z, Lai YJ, Zhao LG, Zhou WH, Wang YJ, Shen LL, Liu L, Deng XJ, Wang XF, Sun F, Chen GJ (2019) MMP13 inhibition rescues cognitive decline in Alzheimer transgenic mice via BACE1 regulation. Brain 142:176-192. [PDF file]

*       Xiang XJ, Song L, Deng XJ, Tang Y, Min Z, Luo B, Wen QX, Li KY, Chen J, Ma YL, Zhu BL, Yan Z, Chen GJ (2019) Mitochondrial methionine sulfoxide reductase B2 links oxidative stress to Alzheimer's disease-like pathology. Exp Neurol. (in press) Epub ahead of print. [PDF file]

*       Lai YJ, Zhu BL, Sun F, Luo D, Ma YL, Luo B, Tang J, Xiong MJ, Liu L, Long Y, Hu XT, He L, Deng XJ, Zhang JH, Yang J, Yan Z, Chen GJ (2019) Estrogen receptor α promotes Cav1.2 ubiquitination and degradation in neuronal cells and in APP/PS1 mice. Aging Cell e12961 Epub ahead of print. [PDF file]



*       Qin L, Ma K, Wang ZJ, Hu Z, Matas E, Wei J, Yan Z (2018) Social deficits in Shank3-deficient mouse models of autism are rescued by histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibition. Nature Neurosci. 21:564-575. [PDF file] [supplemental materials] *Featured in Science Translational Medicine, Reported in England's Daily Mail, Pharmaceutical Technology, etc.

*       Tan T, Wang W, Williams J, Ma K, Cao Q, Yan Z (2018) Stress exposure in dopamine D4 receptor knockout mice induces schizophrenia-like behaviors via disruption of GABAergic transmission. Schizophrenia Bulletin (in press) Epub ahead of print. [PDF file]

*       Ma K, Qin L, Matas M, Duffney LJ, Liu A, Yan Z (2018) Histone deacetylase inhibitor MS-275 restores social and synaptic function in a Shank3-deficient mouse model of autism. Neuropsychopharmacology 43:1779-1788. [PDF file]

*       Wang W, Rein B, Tan T, Zhang F, Qin L, Yan Z (2018) Chemogenetic activation of prefrontal cortex rescues synaptic and behavioral deficits in a mouse model of 16p11.2 deletion syndrome. J. Neurosci. 38:5939-5948. [PDF file]

*       Seo JS, Zhong P, Liu A, Yan Z, Greengard P (2018) Elevation of p11 in lateral habenula mediates depression-like behavior. Molecular Psychiatry 23:1113-1119. [PDF file]

*       Tang Y, Min Z, Xiang XJ, Liu L, Ma YL, Zhu BL, Song L, Tang J, Deng XJ, Yan Z, Chen GJ (2018) Estrogen-related receptor alpha is involved in Alzheimer's disease-like pathology. Exp Neurol. 305:89-96. [PDF file]

*       Wei J, Zhong P, Qin L, Tan T, Yan Z (2018) Chemicogenetic restoration of the prefrontal cortex to amygadala pathway ameliorates stress-induced deficits. Cerebral Cortex 28:1980-1990. [PDF file] *Recommended by Faculty of 1000



*       Zhong P, Hu Z, Jiang H, Yan Z, Feng J (2017) Dopamine induces oscillatory activity in human midbrain neurons with Parkin mutations. Cell Reports 19:1033-1044. [PDF file]

*       Seo JS, Wei J, Qin L, Kim Y, Yan Z, Greengard P (2017) Molecular and cellular basis for stress-induced depression. Molecular Psychiatry 22:1440-1447. [PDF file]

*       Cheng J, Liu A, Shi MY, Yan Z (2017) Disrupted glutamatergic transmission in prefrontal cortex contributes to behavioral abnormality in an animal model of ADHD. Neuropsychopharmacology 42:2096-2104. [PDF file]

*       Yang J, Liu AY, Tang B, Luo D, Lai YJ, Zhu BL, Wang XF, Yan Z, Chen GJ (2017) Chronic nicotine differentially affects murine transcriptome profiling in isolated cortical interneurons and pyramidal neurons. BMC Genomics 18:194. [PDF file]



*       Yan Z, Kim E, Datta D, Lewis D, Soderling S (2016) Synaptic actin dysregulation, a convergent mechanism of mental disorders? J. Neuroscience 36:11411-7. [PDF file] (review)

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